Monday, December 19, 2011


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Today's What? Monday question might require some creative thinking for you, but it's healthy to think creatively, or to just plain lie.

The question is

What TV show or movie could be based on your life?

I chose this question because it's easy for ME to answer it.

Here are some hints about the TV show based on my life:
  • It's only on in reruns now.
  • It's about a mom and daughter.
  • I look just like the mom and Someone I Love is prettier than the actress who played the daughter, and you'll simply have to take my word for that.
  • I was the fastest talking, most fun mom on TV.
Did you get it? Did ya? Did ya? Huh? 

Yes, you did: The Gilmore Girls.

Damn. I look good, don't I? I know you think that's Lauren Graham a.k.a. Lorelai Gilmore, but it's really me. Lauren Graham looks just like me.

And this is the actress who played my daughter Rory, and yes, she is almost as beautiful as Someone I Love.

Now, how do I know this show was based on my life? While it's true I don't own or operate an inn, I could if I really wanted to. I used to talk fast when I was on the debate squad in high school. Lots of men adore me and I have sex with quite a few of them (just kidding, Someone I Love). Someone I Love and I are very close. Someone I Love really did go to an expensive prep school, where she was the valedictorian. But instead of majoring in journalism (dumb choice on Rory's part with newspapers going down the toilet), SIL majored in math and physics.

So now I know you can totally see that Lorelai Gilmore and I are one and the same and The Gilmore Girls was based on my life.

Can't you imagine me saying, as Lorelai and I said on the show: 

Lorelai: So, let me get this straight. Uh, you and some guys who actually know what they're doing are gonna come over and fix my house, and I can pay them back whenever I want? 
Luke: That's right. 
Lorelai: 'Cause I'm Tony Soprano? 
Luke: Only scarier. 

[Lorelai has had to throw Emily an impromptu bachelorette party and invited all the women from Stars Hollow. Emily is now drunk
Miss Patty: So, Emily, tell us about this party of yours tomorrow. 
Emily: It's going to be fabulous. Isn't it, Lorelai? 
Lorelai: Ab fab, sweetie darling. 
Emily: Isn't she hilarious? I never have any idea what she's talking about, but she's so entertaining! Like a chimp. Isn't she like a chimp, Gypsy? 
Gypsy: Please make your mother stop talking to me. 
Lorelai: If only I had that power. 

[Lorelai answers her cell phone
Lorelai: Hello? 
Emily: You get over here right now! 
Lorelai: Who is this? 
Emily: This is you in twenty years! "Who is this?", I swear! 

Rory: Mom? 
Lorelai: Oh. 
Rory: You're happy. 
Lorelai: Yeah. 
Rory: Did you do something slutty? 
Lorelai: I'm not that happy. 

Luke: Rory's not here yet. 
Lorelai: Then you'll have to entertain me until she arrives. Okay Burger boy, dance. 
Luke: Will you marry me? 
[Lorelai is taken aback
Luke: Just looking for something to shut you up. 

Oh man, don't you just love all the hilarious things I said? I crack myself up. The last quotation is particularly apropos because there's this man, not named Luke, and he asks me to marry him all the time. Almost every day. At least once a week. Or he used to once in a while but doesn't anymore.

Did you find this post confusing? I hope not. It's just the way Lorelai and I are.

Now, how bout you, baby?

What TV show or movie could be based on your life?

Give it some thought. Be creative.

Infinities of love,

Lorelai Lola

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  1. I guessed the Gilmore Girls after the second hint, damn I'm good.

    Hmmm maybe The X-Files because you know their out there and watching me. They could be watching me right now, I need to go get my tinfoil hat.

  2. I loved Gilmore girl, really:)
    ah Lola Im following you (lol)

  3. Protect yourself, Pat!

    Gloria, Muchas gracias por to amistad.

  4. Loves me some Lauren Graham...

    But I've never found a movie or TV show that accurately mirrors my life.

  5. Oh, Gilmore Girls?! You're a lucky lady b/c the lovely Jared Padalecki was on that show for a short while. He's my favorite. Delicious is the best work I could use to describe him :)

    I would have to pick Everybody Loves Raymond. While I'm no Debra, I would definately be the grandchild. That family totally depicts my crazy Sicilian family. :)

  6. Oh and if I had to pick a show for my life to be like, I would pick Lost. Stuck on a deserted island with Matthew Fox and Ian Somerhalder? Yes, Please!!! I wouldn't even care about "the others". Plus, I love a good adventure. hahaha

  7. Your Majesty, Mary Tyler Moore is great. Loved that show.

    R, Thank you.

    GT, Yes, we are, aren't we?

    Mr. Fox, Not even Modern Romance?

    Ms. Fun, That's great, and yes, I had quite a good time with Jared. Although his character was in love with Rory, he wanted me in real life.

  8. Well, not being a film editor who smokes pot and uses Quaaludes, I'd have to say no. Ha!

  9. Ms. Fun, Don't get Lost very long. We need you.

    Mr. Fox, I don't have an inn, but I'm still Lorelai Gilmore.

  10. Oh you just need one more follower. And I really dont know a TV series based on my life. My life is never so exciting. Too boring for a TV series. :)

  11. Paps, I bet you're a lot more interesting than you say you are. Besides, Seinfeld was supposed to be a show about nothing, and you are definitely something!

  12. Crazy woman! lol Hope you get your hundred. As for TV shows about my life? Heck if I know. I'll have to ask Elisa.. I'm sure there is some soap opera or something. Maybe Jerry Springer with less hitting.

  13. Melynda, I confess I've never seen Jerry Springer, but I've seen clips from the show and heard people talk about it. I refuse to believe your life is like that. You are much too dignified.

  14. Oh, geez. Maybe Breaking Bad.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas!

  15. I didn't see the show much, all I remember was that Alexis Bledel seems to talk with her mouth half closed most of the time. And wow, you're pretty!

    I'm not sure what my life would be based on...if there's a show out there about someone who never does much and works a crappy job in retail, then that's me.

  16. Copyboy, I'm so happy you enjoyed my show. I wish Rory and I were still sharing new adventures, but alas, my baby bird had to fly away and leave the nest.

    Simon, I love Breaking Bad. It's so darkly hilarious. Thank you for being my 100th follower. I'm following your Thoughts blog.

    Coffeypot, Oh, dear.

    20 Something, Thank you for admiring my beauty. I'm sure that somewhere there's a crappy show about not doing much and working in retail.

    Peaches, Life is nothing but complications. I understand.

  17. Congrats on your 100 followers! I tried to follow but I can't on my work computer... I'll be back later. I like to think I'm Carrie on Sex & The City only my life is far less glamorous and none of my friends are as slutty as Samantha.

  18. I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure Archie Bunker was based on my father.

  19.'ve hit 100 today! Woohoo.

  20. Michelle, I'll be your slutty friend. I've always wanted to be Samantha. If you are able to follow, you will be 101. I'm so happy!

    Susan, I guess that made for an interesting childhood. It would certainly provide plenty of fodder for your writing, just like my crazy ex-husband.

    Thank you, Barb. Now I want 250.

  21. I can't think of any tv show based on my life, but do you remember the Steve McQueen movie, "The Blob"? (Hint--Steve McQueen;s role would not have been me.)

  22. Fran, I'm afraid I missed that movie. And I refuse to believe that you would be the blob.

    jerzey, All right! Thanks for playing. Was Happy Days based on your life?

  23. I loved Gilmore Girls.

    My life? I have no idea. Maybe Reba.

  24. my mom watched the gilmore girls, and so i did for a season. okay two seasons. i liked it but everyone had witty dialogue. it was the most articulate town ever.

  25. I've got the entire series on DVD. I love digging into Stars Hollow whenever I need relief from the brain-dead zombies where I live. Which reminds me that I need a new shovel.

    I can't think of any TV show or movie that could be based on my life because I watch so many of them (movies) that there's no way I could pick one that means that much to me.

    Ok, The Wedding Singer. And not because I was ever a wedding singer, but because I'd be far better for Drew Barrymore than Adam Sandler. ;)

  26. Julianna, I've never watched Reba, but I think she's a very pretty woman. I can see you as her because I know you're beautiful.

    Ed, Wouldn't it be fun to live in a town where everyone can chatter away like that? Every conversation would be fascinating. No one would want to stay at home.

    Interwebs, All righty, then.

    Rory, Of course you'd be better for Drew as Julia. And I'm so happy you love my home of Stars Hollow.

  27. It started out of curiosity. A few years ago, an acquaintance on Facebook was raving about the series, I was very curious, and I was hooked right when Lorelai introduced her daughter Rory to that bothersome guy in the pilot and Rory said to him, "Are you my new daddy?" I lost it, and immediately gobbled up the other episodes on that first disc of the first season and raced for the others on Netflix. I introduced my mom and sister to it and it had the same effect.

  28. The Gilmore Girls have a strange addictive quality, Rory, and so do I. Or maybe it's that I have a strange addict quality.


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