Thursday, December 1, 2011


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Recently I was walking around the neighborhood park with Franklin and we came across some teenagers I see there frequently. I think they're high school students who relax at the park after school on nice days.

These are nice kids who work hard in school, just like Bert and Ernie when they need to learn something so they can teach children about it.

Franklin loves these kids, and he gave me the look that means, Please, Mom, can we go over there to see them?

So I asked if Franklin could come over to say hello.

They're very friendly, and they said sure.

So we approached them and they started petting Franklin and making a fuss over him as they always do, and he was sniffing them; but I was sniffing something else. And then I saw the joint sitting on the back edge of the bench on which they were seated.

The kids were enjoying a nice fall afternoon by smokin' a doobie.

I didn't say anything, but I felt like it.

I wanted to ask, How bout a toke for an old lady? I even wanted to scold them for not offering to share. Jeeze Louise, what's wrong with kids today?

 But I went on my way quietly. I had no right to give them a verbal paddling, no business expecting them to share. They paid good money for that joint, and I knew I should set a good example by not begging for a little. I shouldn't intrude on someone else's good time. I wouldn't like it if I had a joint and some old woman came by, expecting me to share.

So off I went, behaving myself as always, the picture of uprightness and selflessness, letting the young folks enjoy their good time.

Infinities of love,



  1. Oh no they didn't...oh no you didn't...Bwaahahha

  2. So that's why so many bloggers use aliases...

  3. Hm. According to your comment window, I left these comments three hours ago. Heh.

  4. Youth and sharing, something needs to be done..haha

  5. LOL!! You continue to surprise me. You should've asked them to share. That would've been a great story for them to talk about for a while :P

  6. i could use a joint now. not because i need it but i miss it :)

  7. One night, in our old apartment when The Wife was in grad school, we were watching a movie on the couch. Toward the end, we were both incredibly hungry, so she went to make popcorn and I went to go get the mail. I opened the door to a wall of smoke from the law student's apartment across the hall (there were only 4 apartments in the building). Second-hand munchies.

  8. If you’d have asked, I bet they would have been delighted to share.
    Behaving oneself is highly over-rated. ;)

  9. I knew it!!! Bert and Ernie never seem to right to me.

  10. Sush, Oh yes they did. Oh yes I did.

    Mr. Fox, It's always three hours ago in my microcosm.

    Pat, They should have offered, don't you think?

    light208, Thank you.

    Ms. Fun, Yeah, and then maybe I'd get hired to teach at their high school, and they'd have a great story for the other kiddies.

    Jaya, I miss a lot of things.

    Joshua, Excellent story.

    Beth, You're right, as always.

  11. Except now you won't need to come read my post tomorrow. HA!!!

  12. I'm sure they would have offered if they had been indulging just for fun. But I bet they have some medical condition that requires it, and if they had offered to share, it would have messed up their dosage -- doctors always tell you to take the prescribed amount, no more and no less, and not to share your prescription medications....

  13. jerzey, You never realized that saysme street is all about dope?

    Joshua, I shall read your post anyway because I am a loyal follower.

    LegalEagle, I should have thought of that. Such understanding requires your excellent legal brain training.

  14. The future philosophers. :)

  15. I'll be glad to share with you. ;)

  16. My 2 Pesos, Si.

    Interwebs, When and where? I'll bake the cookies.

  17. Psst~Did you see a roach clip, I haven't seen one of those in a long time.

  18. I would have told them I would gladly pay them Tuesday for a toke today.

  19. LMAOOOOO I can't tell if you're being serious or not. This is hilarious xD Kids are crazy. I would know lol

  20. Woman you are to much! I'm laughing so hard right now I have nothing to say!

  21. stopsign, I didn't think about it at the time, but no, I did not see a roach clip.

    karen, Girls just gotta have fun.

    fishducky, Fortunately, I am old enough to understand how hilarious that is. Or maybe unfortunately.

    Punk Chopsticks, It's mostly true. It really happened.

    Melynda, Doesn't laughing feel good? Sure beats crying.

  22. This could only be written by you, Lola.
    Too funny.


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