Monday, June 20, 2011


Gentle Readers,

After posting  ME 'N MY GEE PEE ESS last week, I received an email from my beloved LegalMist, telling me she had tried to comment on that post and had been unable to do so. Apparently, blogger is still having commentary problems.

So, I'm going to post her comment here, because you really should click on the link she provides and read about the murderous Mrs. Tom Tom.

Thus, from LegalMist:

I love my GPS, "Mrs. Tom Tom," too... 

... even though she tried to kill me once: 

Then again, it was probably all my fault for not following her directions properly in the first place.

Or maybe she's just a vengeful bitch.

I know of another case of attempted murder by a GPS. I used to work with someone who retired and took off on a celebratory car trip with her husband. They were in a rather remote area and not sure what to do. So, they obeyed the GPS and ended up off the road with their vehicle in tatters. No cell phone service. Heat during the day. Freezing at night. No one in sight. Food and drink stores depleted.

They decided they had to try to walk out to save their lives. Eventually some motorcyclists came upon them and rescued them. They were covered in insect bites and their lips were so swollen they couldn't eat the little bit of food they had left. 

Hospital. Recovery ensued.

They decided never to obey the GPS unquestioningly again and to always keep friends and family apprised of their whereabouts and when their arrival should be expected. 

I guess all I have to say now is watch out for your GPS because the sweet little lady in it might be a killer in disguise. 

My new cell phone has a navigation feature, which I have used once so far. Ms. ATT was quite pleasant.  

But I haven't yet angered her.

I'll be very careful with Ms. ATT.

Infinities of love and care,



  1. Ummm.....those are some interesting labels you've added.

  2. I was wondering if anyone would notice that I've gone label crazy. Perhaps label therapy will be in order.



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