Sunday, June 12, 2011


Gentle Readers,

Oi! Oi! Do I have a CD for you! But first let me tell you how I met the singer/songwriter of This Journey , , , I Believe.

I went to church last Sunday and we were having a blood drive. When I walked out after the service, there sat the big bus where kind people take your blood so you can share with other people in need of the stuff. I hadn't donated blood in quite some time, and I started to walk to my car when God did this thing He does to me sometimes -- he figuratively pokes me in the shoulder and lets me know what to do.

Poke, poke, a gentle shove toward the door of the bus. Yes, Lord, I said, I know you want me to give blood.

But it turned out God actually wanted a little more than that. He had a gift for me.

I went in the door and was greeted by a very nice lady who turned out to be Charlotte Martin. Within minutes she was testing my blood, but we were laughing so hard that I didn't even notice when she stuck my finger. Then we started laughing so hard we were crying. It was one of those times when God gives me an instant connection with someone.

While my new buddy Charlotte got me all set up to donate, I mentioned that I write a blog. She mentioned that she sings and has a new CD out.

Would you review my CD? Charlotte inquired.

Yah, you betcha, I replied -- and not just because she was the one holding the needle.

So here I am with a copy of This Journey . . . I Believe, and it's not at all difficult to recommend because it's absolutely wonderful. Put Charlotte in your CD player with the alarm and let her awaken you with the bouncy "The Open Door." Then she can lullaby you to sleep at night with "Oh My God." Pop her in the CD player in the car and while you're driving she'll calm and relax you and remind you of what a great journey our Lord gives us through this thing called Life.

You can click on this link to see and hear a video of Charlotte singing "The Prayer" -- so lovely that it's otherworldly.

So, oi! oi! go to This Journey . . . I Believe to learn more about Charlotte and to order her CD or download it at This Journey...I Believe.

You won't be sorry and I suspect Charlotte will be tickled pink, green, and blue -- among other colors.

Charlotte, you rule.

Infinities of love,


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