Monday, June 6, 2011


Gentle Readers,

Here we be at 300+ posts. So, I think I will take advantage of the opportunity to tell you 300 three fascinating things about myself that I don't think I've ever mentioned. And if I have mentioned them, too fuckin' bad.

I base these items of interest on a recent perusal of my high school yearbooks. I looked at all the loving messages friends wrote in the books and noticed three recurring themes:
  1. You speak Spanish really well. I was in your Spanish class, and you speak Spanish so much better than I ever did.
  2. You play the piano really well. Keep on playing.
  3. Damn - you are hot. I had fun working with you in school and even more fun playing with you out of school.
So, I still speak Spanish reasonably well, though I've forgotten past tense. However, 30-some years after taking high school Spanish, I still can and do carry on simple conversations in Spanish.

I have continued playing the piano and still love to play, but I don't do so in public anymore. I used to accompany a lot of kids when they auditioned for the school musical or for the elite chorus.

Only guys said I was hot. In fact, I found a few love notes in the yearbook pages. Some boys promised to love me forever. I haven't seen any of them in about 25 years. That's probably a good thing. They would be disappointed in my current hotness factor, and they probably aren't so hot now either. But sometimes I wonder what happened to those erstwhile lovers. I've found a couple on google but can't locate the ones with really common names.

I was also amused by the fact that so many "friends" wrote in my yearbook that they would remember me forever and would never forget the fun things we had done together.

I have no idea who these people were and no clue what we did together that was so much fun.

Infinities of love to you, gentle readers, and to my past,


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