Thursday, June 16, 2011


Gentle Readers,

I feel as if my relationship with the lady who lives in my GPS is on thin ice.

And it's totally my fault.

She unfailingly tells me which way to turn the car, and when I miss a street, she very calmly says, Recalculating, and then she comes up with a new route.

But I've started to notice, shall we say, a slight edge to her voice if she has to recalculate more than once, and she quite often has to recalculate more than once because I get lost very easily even with the lady in the GPS telling me what to do. I can't read the street signs until I get pretty close to them, so it might be too late to get into the correct lane to make the necessary turn. Or maybe the lady says turn left and then turn right and I make the left turn but it would require getting over two lanes to make the right turn and there's so much traffic that I can't get over the necessary two lanes or maybe I don't understand exactly what she says even though her diction is excellent, and GPS lady stays calm, but I know, I just know, the GPS lady has darn near had all she can stand of me.

Please forgive me lady in the GPS. I try to obey you but sometimes it's difficult. I really appreciate your patience.

Infinities of GPS love,


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