Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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Did you notice we now have an eighth follower? It's a lot of fun and very interesting to read The Restaurant Managers Rant at It gives me a new slant on places I like very much -- restaurants. My favorite post so far by the Manager is Let Me Show You The Door Pinocchio on Wednesday, April 6, about firing an employee who had received warning after warning and was making life miserable for everyone. We've all worked with that person.

One of those people in my life gave the best excuse I've ever heard for not coming to work. This was in a state some people call Maryland when I worked in the healthcare field. I was on the night shift at a nursing home. The Person had befriended another person who worked on our shift and suddenly the two of them seemed to be in charge of the nursing home. They didn't do their work, were always dashing to the telephone to make important calls and doing each other's nails, taking long smoke breaks when they weren't on the phone, you know -- all this important stuff that was a whole lot better than taking care of the pesky patients, lying helpless in their beds and doing their utmost to make the employees miserable by requesting an occasional drink of water or even more seriously annoying, wanting their medication.

It was really unfortunate that this friendship had occurred because previously, the friend had been one of the best workers -- really kind and friendly to everyone and doing her job without fail.

Increasingly, the two of them were late for work or called in "sick."

Well, one night The Person did not show up for work at all. When she was about two or three hours late she called and said she wasn't coming to work because she had needed to go to Baltimore and had gotten lost and was in South Carolina.

Now is that a great excuse or what?

Alas, it was her undoing. Soon after, she was finally fired.

Her friend quit and went to work in a different environment and made the papers for it. She and her mom were arrested for selling certain substances out of their house. What a lovely mother - daughter bonding activity. I wish my children would engage in such fun activities with me.

Makes me wonder what all those telephone calls in the nursing home were really about. Hmmmmm?

So, welcome, welcome, welcome to The Restaurant Manager. Read his rants and get a new perspective on the places where you dine. He has some other interesting things to say too.

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