Monday, January 3, 2011


Gentle Readers,

I present for your enjoyment two movies about relationships. I call them quirky because "quirky movies" is a search term that draws readers.

First movie for your consideration: The Special Relationship, an HBO movie now on DVD. It's about the so-called special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States, a relationship that apparently is highly valued by other countries. Sometimes I think we should be grateful anybody puts up with us.

More specifically, the movie is about the way the relationship is fostered through Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Blair is played by Michael Sheen, who was also Tony Blair in The Queen and looks more like Tony Blair than Tony Blair. Dennis Quaid portrays Bill Clinton. Quaid is a bit long in the tooth to play Clinton yet pulls it off admirably.

The film begins with Blair about to be elected P.M. and desiring the special relationship with the U.S. and then learning that Clinton is not all he's cracked up to be. Blair is also presented as believing that Clinton's behavior during Lewinsky Business should be a private matter, while Blair's wife Cherie is appalled by Mr. Can't Keep His Pants Zipped Up. Interesting.

As our movie concludes,  Clinton is leaving office, while Blair remains prime minister and begins a new friendship with the late, great George W. Bush. Sigh. How I do miss having such an object of hilarity as our president.

I liked this movie more than I thought I would. HBO produces some excellent movies, and if you have any interest in politics whatsoever, and you should, you will probably enjoy The Special Relationship and learn something from it.

The second movie is laugh out loud funny but quite naughty: Going The Distance, about Drew Barrymore (Erin) and Justin Long (Garrett) trying to have a long-distance relationship. I must stop here to mention that Justin Long has a very nice muscular butt. I like a man with a nice butt.

Christina Applegate plays Erin's sister. She hilariously suffers cleaning up after Erin and Garrett's sexcapades.

Going The Distance ultimately becomes tough going for Erin and Garrett (one in San Francisco, one in New York). I'm not going to tell you if they end up together, but I will tell you something that made me really happy: Erin doesn't give up everything she's worked for to be with Garrett. After seeing one too many holiday movies in which a woman whacks her head and comes to realizing she's a mom with little kids instead of a high-powered exec and when she has the chance to return to her old life she discovers she would rather have her adorably obnoxious children and lout of a husband -- Oh Save Me Jesus. I was about ready to pull an Elvis and shoot the TV.

So, I was extremely happy that Erin gets a good job and doesn't give it up, except in very funny ways in bed.

Drew Barrymore looked and acted a little more mature in this movie, and I liked it -- almost as much as I liked Justin Long's butt and the sex scene on the dining room table.

Let's close on that happy note.

Infinities of love,


***WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME Stats Alert: U.K. -- South Korea bypassed you by two hits on New Year's Day, but then you caught up again on January 2nd. Watch out United Kingdom or South Korea will whip your bums and have more Lola knowledge than you do. Whoo hoo!

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