Saturday, January 29, 2011


Gentle Readers,

I have just returned from a very special young lady's second birthday party. What a joyous event. Little AR marveled at every gift she received. How wonderful to watch an intelligent little girl grow up and learn about the world.

She opened packages with clothes and toys and then, it was time for the big gift. She received a helmet, purple and sparkly, and  Daddy wheeled out her little pink trike/bike, with a handle in the back for Mommy or Daddy to hold. The handle even controls the steering. I wish such a thing had been available when my children were young.

So many people were there to enjoy the big day, including plenty of children milling around and helping Little AR open her gifts. How lovely to see these children, bright and loved and well-cared for. A darling little boy named Jamie made a very carefully study of all the tiny sticks and bits of dry grass on the steps to the house and then chose one gift for me, and then another. What made those little sticks so special? I wish I could see my surroundings from the perspective of a two year old and be as fascinated by a stick as that little boy and then share my fascination. And this little boy didn't know me - had never seen me before, but he was willing to share his precious gift with me: the gift of wonder.

A diamond and a ruby couldn't have been better gifts than those sticks.

But if anyone wants to send me jewels, then please feel free.

HEY, MY KIDS - Yes, you two.

GET MARRIED AND GIVE ME GRANDCHILDREN. Don't forget to achieve your own goals. I will help raise the children, no problem. But give me the gift of grandchildren. When I had you I was so busy I didn't take enough time to watch you wonder. Grandchildren are a parent's opportunity to do better.

Thank you so much, LL and RL, for inviting me today. I had such a good time.

Infinities of love,


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