Thursday, April 15, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I am so disappointed. For a couple of days I was up to three followers because someone new named Dr. Heckle had joined us and was even making some amusing comments on my posts.

But I just turned on the computer and alas, no more Dr. Heckle.

What a world, what a world, where people pronounce themselves followers and then drop out when the dirty question comes along - namely, how do people wipe in China and India if they don't have toilet paper?

Or was Heckle offended because I did not follow some blog protocol?

I guess I'll never know because I took a look at Heckle's blog, and I don't think I want to follow it. I just have so much room in my life for following. In reality, I'm a leader.

And as a born leader, tomorrow I finish my training as a crew leader for the census. Soon I will train the people who will pay you a little visit if you didn't mail back your census form.

I never thought I would work for the government. Never thought they would have a job that fits my abilities. I think I can handle this in spite of the fact that we couldn't get answers to some of our questions because our trainer/supervisor couldn't get answers to his questions.

I will do what I have done successfully many times in the past.

I will make it up as I go along.

However, that does not mean I will falsify information. I would never do such a thing. The census really is important. It decides how states will be represented in Congress and it brings funding to areas that need it, and probably some that don't, but that's life.



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