Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I hereby nominate Anne Tyler for sainthood.

I just finished Noah's Compass and I absolutely loved it.

Liam, the protagonist, has a touch of Macon Leary in him - particular about grammar, a wee bit fussy, a tiny bit like . . . me.

Macon, of course, lives in my favorite Tyler novel, The Accidental Tourist. This book is touching, funny, clever, poignant. I think of the Leary family playing Vaccination and I never fail to smile.

The movie based on the book is quite good, too.

I'm also extremely fond of Saint Maybe, A Patchwork Planet, and Ladder of Years.

However, I think Tyler's masterpiece is Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant.

It's so beautifully written it's almost more than I can bear.

So, here's to you Saint Anne. Long may you write.


Dumped First Wife

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