Friday, April 16, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I regret to inform you that I am exhausted.

I put in at least 32 1/2 or maybe even 33 hours this week.

I am way behind on the following:

1. sleeping
2. watching tv
3. sleeping while watching tv
4. napping
5. watching movies
6. napping while watching movies

I am tired because I actually stayed awake during the census training. Yesterday one of my colleagues conked out and snored.

At least it wasn't the supervisor.



I'm hurt. That darn Dr. Heckle who was my follower for a couple of days and then jumped ship has a link on the WorkForced blog. What did Dr. Heckle do to rate that? I actually like WorkForced. I recommend reading Don Joe's current post on email. But whatever you do, don't click on that link to Dr. Heckle. Heckle, my two followers and I are out to get you.

But wait - WorkForced is one of my followers. Oh, 'tis a conundrum.

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