Saturday, February 20, 2010


Gentle Readers,

Have you ever been trapped in a dream and you knew you were trapped but you couldn't escape the dream and wake up?

It's happened to me a number of times, and it happened again this morning. I was in this dream and I was struggling to wake up and the dream wouldn't let me go. I even knew I was in my bed, dreaming, with two of my dogs around me and I still couldn't get out of the dream.

I was in my mother's house. She's been dead for quite some time and it wasn't the house where she was living when she died. It was the house before that. My sister and her daughter were there.

The daughter was playing with Barbie dolls, but then somehow she was an adult and we were looking at pictures of her preparing for her wedding. "She was going to get married to him, you know," my mother said. She did marry that person, but in the dream she had changed her mind and there wasn't going to be a wedding.

Them I was asleep in a bedroom in my mother's house but the house didn't look the same anymore. Two televisions had been turned on in the room, each playing a different show. I wanted so badly to wake up, both in the dream and from the dream, and I could not get away from those television shows.

Finally I awoke in the dream and turned off the televisions. Then I thought, I have to stop fighting this dream and just let myself sleep until I wake up.

I felt more relaxed, and finally, finally, I woke up to reality. The sun is shining. The dogs went out to bark at the dog who lives behind us.

It is day.


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