Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Gentle Readers,

For a couple of days I have been promising to write about the Olympics, so let's get started tonight and get the bad guy out of the way.

Tomorrow I'll try to move on to all the great things I love about the Olympics.

O.K. He won the gold medal in the decathalon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.


If you said Bruce Jenner, you got it baby.

Brucie's first wife supported him while he was in college, kept him focused, and allowed him to win that gold medal. He paid her back by dumping her.

When Bruce got back from Montreal, he looked like Mr. Clean Cut All American Boy and he was on the Wheaties box. He was also on quite a few TV talk shows and I remember him saying that he left his wife - I believe while she was pregnant with their second child, or at best, it was quite soon after the child was born.

Although I was extremely young when this occurred, barely past the fetus stage, I remember thinking, What a jerk.

He remarried, very quickly, snatching a former Elvis girlfriend and having a couple more kids with her.

They divorced.

Now he's the dad of two more with Wife #3 and stepdad to the Kardashians on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, something I have never bothered to watch. Surprise Surprise

He's been on lots of schlocky TV shows and had a ton of plastic surgery. Then he had to have plastic surgery to try to repair the plastic surgery.

He just looks like a stupid old man dumper to me.

Love to you but not to Bruce Jenner,

Dumped First Wife

When I took Chem 101 in college, our instructor mentioned that Bruce Jenner was the student teacher in his high school gym class. Obviously it was while B.J. was in college and training for the Olympics, and while he was being supported by Wife #1. The instructor said that Bruce Jenner was the biggest bastard he'd ever met - and this was before he won gold. He was already preparing to enter major jerkdom, or maybe he'd been there his entire life.

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