Friday, February 19, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I kinda ran out of gas today. It's been a hard week, and I was feeling pretty sad.

But then I went back to Vancouver.

How about them Americans?

Six medals on Wednesday - three of them gold. The most medals the U.S. has ever won in a single day in the Winter Games.

And now I really have to gloat.

Yevgeny Plushenko, who won gold in men's figure skating in Torino, came out of a 3 1/2 year retirement because he wanted to win back to back golds like American Dick Button in 1948 and 1952.

Plushenko thought he was The Shit. God's gift to figure skating. In first place after the short program, but if he didn't notice how good reigning World Champion American Evan Lysacek was, then he wasn't paying attention. Maybe Plushenko was too busy admiring himself in the mirror.

Lysacek was in second place after the short program and not far behind Plushenko at all. For me, it was almost like the Cold War was back.

Then Thursday night, it was Lysacek standing on the center podium while The Star Spangled Banner played. I sang along although my favorite younger man said, "That's about enough of that" when I got to the high notes. But I didn't quit. I was too proud. I said, "I'm just not warmed up" and kept on singing.

Lysacek is the first American to win Olympic gold in men's figure skating since the great Brian Boitano in 1988.

Yes, Plushenko is a jumping machine, but he's really not much else. He still got his silver and he now has three Olympic medals, quite a rarity in figure skating.

But Lysacek had it all - the jumps, the grace, the spins, the foot work, the perfect choreography.

Take a look and learn what a true champ looks like Plushenko.

Evan Lysacek, I am so proud of you.

And kudos to Johnny Weir, who took sixth place, and did it his way. A lovely program.


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