Friday, November 27, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Because Michele of Angels Bark and I have two special offers for you, and both concern the jewelry she makes and sells online at Accent Gem Designs, Penelope and Franklin want to get involved. They get their noses into everything, including places on my body I don't want to discuss. Let's just say I can't bend over to pick up the soap.

Before I turn over the blog to Penelope and Franklin, I'll tell you what the two offers are. First, you can shop at Accent Gem Designs and use the coupon code word JUNEBUG to get 15% off your order. Michele will wrap your gifts and ship them to multiple addresses in the U.S. only.

We also have a Rafflecopter you can use to enter our Great Thanksgiving Accent Gem Designs Giveaway, also open to U.S. residents only, unless you have an address in the U.S. where you want the package to be sent. 
We're sorry we can't ship to the rest of the world, but the cost was prohibitive.

Here's the Rafflecopter, which is available until midnight, Dec. 1st:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now the little lady gets to write to you first:

hi i am penelope it was thanksgiving i don't know what that means

now it's black friday i wonder if it's because franklin and i have lots of black fur

i want to tell you about jewelry i never saw jewelry till i met mom she gave me my own jewelry to wear everyday i have a green necklecircle with charms that tell where i live this me with my necklecircle that is green sorry i moved me head when nice mom lady took picture she say penelope that's me is never still

nice michele lady who live far away sent jewelry to nice mom lady i want to try on jewelry so much that mom let me i have on bracelet but wear like necklecircle and hang earrings from necklecircle

i am pretty feel so pretty with blue and gold necklecircle and earrings nice mom lady say pierced ears not right for doggy that is fine i like to wear the pretties on my neck

nice mom lady say i am prettiest little penelope in the whole world now my brudder franklin want to write about jewelry 

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! It's me! It's me! It's me! I'm Franklin the Bordernese. Did you see I have a little sister now? She has the same color fur as me, but her fur is short, and mine is long. Her legs are short, and mine are long. We play chase in the yard, and we cuddle when we nap in Mom's office.

Penelope is little, so I hafta take care of her.

I'm a big guy, but I like jewelry, too. One time Mom let me wear a pretty necklace. After we got jewelry from Michele, Mom let me wear a pretty bracelet.

See me look at you upside down? I had my head on Mom's leg, so she took the pitcher of me looking up at her.

Here's a pitcher of me wearing a bootiful blue bracelet with a white flower.

I wish I could wear it all the time, but Mom said it would fall off outside and get lost in Lake Junebug.

Me and my little sister Penelope like wearing Michele's jewelry that she makes herself.

We gotta go now. We're gonna play chase around the bush, just like me and Harper did before he went to heaven. Mom always says that someday we will all be in heaven, and Faulkner The Original Dog will be there waiting for us.

I hope you can all get some jewelry!

Okay I love you bye-bye.

This is me after we played chase around the bush and I needed to rest. Penelope is fast. See? Mom let me wear the bracelet again.

Bye! Bye! Bye!

Franklin the Bordernese


  1. I can't even tell you how much I love your gud dug who live in a castle.
    lovelovelovelovelove from i thehamish

    cheers, parsnip

    1. hi i thehamish i is penelope you nice you gud dog i wish you could visit our castle

  2. I had no idea dogs were into jewelry. I must remember this when I rescue my next pooch.

    1. Every time I've dressed up a dog in a jacket, bandanna, or some kind of jewelry they've gotten really excited.

  3. Thank you Franklin for a post that made me happy,

    1. Oh, Mrs. Jo-Anne, if I make you happy then I'm a million times happier.

  4. Hi Janie - I'm glad to see Penelope and Franklin are now models too .. I think the jewellery is safer off when they're outside playing ... and I know you'll have advised them of that. Fun ... cheers Hilary

    1. Oh, yes, we discussed the importance of wearing jewelry only in the house and under Mom's supervision.

  5. Very fun, Janie! And I love your "Righting and Editing" tagline. #Adorbs

    Hope you had a great T-day.

  6. Love love love this post Janie! What fun! So glad to see that Franklin and Penelope enjoy my jewelry too! They looked adorable modeling the jewelry. Soooo cute!!!
    Give them a big hug and kiss from me. :)

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. They get hugs and kisses all the time, but I'll make sure they know the next hug and kiss is from you. Franklin is out for a drive with Willy Dunne Wooters, but they'll be back soon. They are such good buddies--to me and to each other.

  7. I can tell both are excited for Black Friday... I guess they're excited about the holidays. :)

    1. I think our furry friends enjoy gifts, too, but the best gift we can give animals is to take good care of them.

  8. I didn't even go out on black Friday. I ended up at Jewel on Saturday and bought gift cards for Christmas. I wasn't real exciting.


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