Saturday, November 21, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Hey! The upcoming week will be great. The turkey thaws in the refrigerator as I write. I have a giveaway in the works with Michele, who blogs at Angels Bark, with great prizes and a discount in Michele's online shop, Accent Gem Designs. Her jewelry is to die for, and she makes every piece with love. Watch for the Rafflecopter, and spread the news.

Before I tell you the results for the November 15, 2015, Battle of the Bands, I have a request. In your blog rolls and anyplace else that's regularly visible on your blogs, where you have the title WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME, please change it to Janie Junebug Righting & Editing.

Thank you. That is not all.

BOTB: The song is This Land Is Your Land. The contenders are Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen. Woody wins easily. He is THE BOSS of The Boss.

I loved sharing information about Woody with you during this battle.

Final Count:

Woody Guthrie     25
Bruce Springsteen 4

Will someone please comfort Cherdo (of Cherdo On The Flipside)? I live in Florida; Cherdo lives in Tennessee. I can hear her sobbing. Remember, she is a big Bruce fan, 

Cherdo, please, I need some sleep. Penelope says if you are quiet, then you can bring Gonzo to live with us and be my new son when he has recovered. In exchange for the gift of Gonzo, Penelope might allow you to pet her.

Oh, Woody Guthrie, we love you so. You are an American icon.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Woody wrote many songs for children. This is one:


  1. I'm glad Woodie Guthrie won. I like him over Springsteen. I know, blasphemous, but I was never a fan of Bruce Springsteen.

    I love the new title and drawing! It put a smile on my face this morning. :)


  2. Yea for Woody. I have changed your name (as per the email I sent this morning). For those who are searching for how to change the name, go to your "layout" and find the blog list. When you click on the edit, it will allow you to change the name of a blog you follow. I'll go visit Cherdo and give her a hug.

  3. Love your new header pic! I will change my blogroll when I get a minute -- am out of town for the next couple of days.

  4. Poor Bruce, but I liked Guthrie better.

    Okay, Janie, I'll get that blog change done today. Love your new look!!!

  5. Love your portrait!!

  6. Aw, Cherdo... It'll be ok. I'm pretty sure Bruce would give this one to Guthrie, too — Woody's that good :D Very cool battle, Janie! And I *love* your blog's new look. (I do miss the City Lights pic, though... really loved that one.)
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  7. Oh, oops... Just spotted the City Lights pic. It's still here, after all. Sorry!

  8. "THE BOSS of The Boss"... Ha! I liked that, Janie!

    Being no fan of "BOOOOOOOOO" Springsteen, the result pleased me.

    I idolized Booooooooo when I was in my early twenties. I mean, absolutely idolized him! Owned every album, went to every concert in L.A. .....But then I learned what "Socialism" was and considered Booooooooo an enemy of the country and an enemy of the ideals of our Founding Fathers. To Springsteen I say (loudly!) "BOOOOOOOOO!"

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. I am so glad I read this! I've forgotten to get that turkey out of the freezer! Thanks for reminding me! I'm giving Cherdo a long distance hug! xo Nellie

  10. I think only Woody could have won this one...sorry Cherdo

  11. Cute header!
    Woody really is an icon. :)

  12. Hi Janie - great Woody won ... and this is fun to listen to - I'd forgotten about it ... as you say the kids would love it. Wonderful header ... cheers Hilary

  13. Take that, Bruce! No messing with an icon of folk music.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  14. I had a feeling Woody would win.
    As for the blog name change, I've amended my most recent results post to reflect your request. I shall endeavour to do so for all future postings.


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