Friday, July 10, 2015



Hi, hi, hi, Every Buddy. You need to be quiet today. Mom has a me grain.

I'm guarding Mom.
I hope I look sooper mean even though I'm bootiful.

Wait a minute. What's that noise? Is that you, Mr. Pot? I can hear you over on you blog. You are making too much noise.

Be Quiet!

Oops! Mom said that made her head hurt worse. She is all worn out from computer troubles and telephone troubles. and Willy Dunne Wooters is a poopy pants, she says. But she still loves him.

She has the kind of me grain that makes it hard for her to see. She's going to put on the Bat Woman mask that Middle Child gave her. It blocks out light, and I'll make sure all the neighbors behave. 

I love you, Every Buddy. I love you. I love you. 

Oh, sorry. Mom says that's enough I love yous.

Okay I love you bye-bye

Franklin the Bordernese

Mom's good friend Cherdo made this drawing of me and Sir Shady and Cherdo's pissy  little poodle Coco.Maybe we can be quieter in a drawing than in real life.

P.S. Mom wants me to tell you something. If you follow her blog and she doesn't follow yours, then please send her some URL. She wants to follow all our friends. She says we have lots of new friends, and some of our old friends have disappeared. She doesn't know if they still blog.

Now let's all be on our best behavior so Mom can rest.

Oh, wait! She thought of something else. She says some buddy gave her an award not very long ago. She can't remember the award and who the giver is. If it's you, will you please remind her? Just be very quiet when you leave your comment.



  1. I hope your migraine passes quickly, Janie. They are the worst. Love you too, Franklin.

    1. Thank you, Murees. I'm going to take a pain reliever and lie down. I don't get as many migraines as I used to--just a couple per year. Franklin says he edits your book with me, and he'd like to meet you and kiss you because you're such a good writer.

  2. Migraines suck. Hope you feel better soon! What a cute dog! Mean looking, haha, but cute :)


    (Oops...sorry...I didn't mean to shout.)

    Tell Mom I am sorry to learn that she has a me grain. Do you think Mr. Pot could be to blame?

    (snicker snort snicker snort snicker snort)

    Mom asked for the URL of people whose blogs she doesn't follow. I want to leave mine for her because she tends to forget.

    Mom's been through a lot lately. Please make sure she gets plenty of rest. Be nice to her and bring her dead lizards and beetles and stuff like that to cheer her up.

    Tell Mom I love her. We all do.

  4. When my first granddaughter was a couple of weeks old my daughter brought her to our beach house. My niece came over with her 2 year old son to see them. She had apparently warned her son about making too much noise around the baby, because when I opened the door he said, in a very loud voice, "I BE QUIET!!"

    Feel better soon!!

  5. I used to get horrific migraines. The throw up and lay on the bathroom for days migraine.
    When I turned 60
    (and the x walked out one day as I was driving the kids to school ) they calmed down where I can control them better. I don't lose days and days anymore.
    But I am very careful, with light to dark, sun, what I eat....... you know the drill

    Be better soon ! and I love Franklin what a gud dug !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. * whispering * Feel better soon, JJ!

  7. Hope your migraine passes quickly... I get them a couple of times a year and they suck like a Hoover on rocket fuel. I'll just go give Franklin a couple of pats now --

  8. Sorry about the me grain. Hope it goes away soon.

  9. I hate migraines. Hope yours goes away lickety-split!

  10. HaHaHaHa...oh sorry I shouldn't be so boisterous. Though it made the post harder to read (until I remembered that I could zoom) the tiny font added to the experience hilariously.

  11. I'm so sorry you have a migraine - YUCK. Cool cloth, dark room, rest rest rest.

    I still like my rendition of ole' Franklin...but Coco is PRISSY, not pissy. She's most housebroken dog on the planet.

  12. It's fortunate you have Franklin to field your calls for you and sush all the rowdies.

  13. I have never suffered from migraines thankfully but my friend does. She now gets botox which she says helps. It doesn't take it completely away but she is not throwing up, passing out and the usual crap plus she recovers a little more quickly. I hope you can find some peace. I wonder if there is some natural food/stuff you can take?

  14. As a migraine suffer I feel you pain, I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better and that Franklin has taken good care of you.


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