Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Today we continue our interview with Rick Watson, who blogs over at Life 101. His latest book, a compilation of his newspaper columns called Life Happens: Enjoy the Ride is available from amazon at

And now, heeeeere's Rick:

Q. I know you are multi-talented -- singer/songwriter/guitarist, writer, and now becoming a master gardener. Do you have additional interests?

A. Yes, I’m interested in therapeutic spanking, and fly fishing, though I normally don’t do these together. Actually one of the challenges I face is that I’m interested in a lot of things. But I try to focus on writing and music because I can do these from anywhere.  My wife Jilda and I’ve been married 39 years, and we’ve always played music together. I played guitar for her when she entered the high school beauty contest in 1969. She sang Gentle on my Mind. We’ve played in Ireland and at coffee houses and festivals across the south. Music is part of who we are.

I think this fish is actually smiling because Rick
is the person who caught him.

Q. If you had to give up all of your activities except one, which one would you continue?

A. I will write and play music as long as I’m able. They are actually more connected than one might imagine.

Q. What gives you joy?

A. We have a lot of great friends and nothing makes me happier that to 

break bread together. We have a small songwriter think tank and we 
gather each month to eat, play the new songs we’ve written, and to 
provide support for each other. 
We have friends in their late 80s and friends in their twenties. We’re 
just a friendly couple.

Q. What's your favorite column in Life Happens? 

A. If I had to say one, it would be “A Family of Restless Spirits.”

Q. What do you want the world to know about Rick and Jilda Watson and Life Happens?

We meet people all the time that say to us, “I feel like I know you both.” That’s because when I write in my Blog and my columns, it’s almost like my journal. One could read back over the years of my blog and get a sense of what my life is about.

I know exactly what Rick means. I feel as if I know him from his blog, and now I know him even better because of Life Happens, which I'll review tomorrow.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

P.S. Therapeutic spanking, hmmmmm? I must mention that Rick inserted a smiley face after that comment which did not copy when I was cutting and pasting his answers.


  1. Can't comment--have to go & read his old posts now that I'm a follower!!

    1. You'll love them. I hope you saw that he answered your question yesterday about the e-version of his book.

  2. Great interview, spanking hmm, lol.

  3. I have found that many musicians are also writers (myself included). I enjoyed this interview! (But I'm not so sure the fish is smiling :))

  4. Rick is certainly right: few things are better than breaking bread with friends.

    1. Yes, I'm sure Rick and Jilda and you and Mrs. C are just the sort of people others love to visit or have in their homes.

  5. I remember feeling exactly that after I read his book, that he and Jilda are like homefolks. And that's always a good thing for a writer to convey-

  6. Sounds like an interesting guy with a lot of interesting people around him. :)

  7. Dear Janie, Rick is indeed an interesting man and writer. I went to his site after reading your first interview and left a comment there. And he was kind enough to come and read my blog, leave a comment, and sign up as a follower! Peace.

  8. I am so thrilled you did these posts on Rick! I am honored to say I have a signed copy of his first book, and I'm going to buy his second and send it on down to him to autograph. I love to read both Rick and Jilda's blog. Talented AND caring individuals...I often reflect that it is NOT RANDOM, to borrow from your latest posting that the blogs and authors of the blogs I end up following and enjoying are kindred spirits.
    Hugs and love all your latest posts. Glad I had a chance in the wee hours of today to catch up on a few of them.

  9. Good work..Really impressed Thanks


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