Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Gentle Readers,

At the end of October, it will be one year since Franklin joined our family. He has endeared himself to me in so many ways.

Here's a favorite: When he's really happy, for example, if I've been gone for as long as an entire hour and returned home to his joy-filled greeting, after we kiss and hug and say hello, as I walk through the house, he pushes past the other boys to get to my right side. He takes the fingers of my right hand in his mouth.

He doesn't bite; he doesn't nip.

He simply holds my fingers as if his mouth is the hand he wishes he could place in mine.

He's so happy to see me when I awake in the morning, as if he thought I would remain asleep forever. He got in bed with me once for about 30 seconds. He's never done that again, but when I wake up, he stands up at the side of the bed, tail wagging, tongue outstretched to kiss me good morning, huge smile spreading across his face.

He's incredibly sensitive. If I let even one tear flow, he's next to me immediately with his quizzical look, wondering how he can help.

When we watch a movie or read, he sits next to me. I put my arm around him until his head drops to the arm rest of the chair. Then we gaze into each other's eyes. Then I kiss the white streak on his forehead. Then I kiss his doggie lips. I say, I love you. I look into his eyes some more and feel his love for me.

When I adopted Franklin, I knew he couldn't replace the great love of my life, Faulkner. But Franklin is damn close to Faulkner level. Very damn close.

Franklin and Harper and Scout remind me every single day why Dog is God spelled backwards.

Infinities of Franklin love,


 Simply irresistible.


  1. He sure is beautiful! I totally get it, Lola - my dog acts very much like Franklin and she's my little baby!

  2. So sweet! I had a cat who used to sit on my stomach whenever I wasn't feeling well. He'd purr away the tummy ache!

  3. Such a sweet post :) I LOVE this line, "Franklin and Harper and Scout remind me every single day why Dog is God spelled backwards."

  4. sounds like he is helping heal your heart.
    my dog kopas died in 2006 and i'm continuing to intend and work toward living somewhere where i'm allowed to have a dog. they are magical for us.

  5. Franklin and I thank you for complimenting his good looks. And Ed, you're right: He's healing my heart, which I thought was permanently broken.

  6. Awwww, this was so sweet! What a gorgeously handsome puppy dog! I really need to get a puppy. I miss having a pet (they're more like family members than pets, though, aren't they?). :)

  7. He is a very beautiful dog, animals can be so comforting, I'll take them over most people any day of the week.

  8. I can relate. Right now, my dog Kitty (bought from a rescue shelter in Alaska; she lived among cats for a time, and so adopted many of their characteristics, including fearlessly sitting on the arm of the couch and jumping off so lightly) is resting in my lap, head perched on my left arm.

  9. Rory, I love it that your dog is named Kitty.

    Pat, Dogs over people. Definitely.

    LL gave me a bone-shaped thingy to hang on my wall. It says The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.

  10. I don't blame him. If I were there when you came home I would run to you and kiss you all over and rub up against you and...LLOOOLLLAAAA!

    Whew! Was it good for you, too?

  11. Coffey -- It was pure heaven.



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