Saturday, May 29, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I watched The Blind Side recently, which I enjoyed tremendously.

The lovely relationship that develops between Michael Oher and his adoptive family is humorous and a joy to behold.

I have read that Oher does not care for the way in which he is portrayed in the movie - somewhat passive and not knowing how to play football. I wish Oher had been presented more accurately in the film; however, I hope his love for his family and theirs for him is reality.

I especially liked it when the character of Michael calls Sandra Bullock's character "Mama" and tells her he has her back.

Within days after I started working for the census, my enumerators, 90 percent of whom are black, said, Don't worry Miss Lola - We got your back.

I hope they feel I've had their backs too.



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