Sunday, May 16, 2010


Gentle Readers,

The Census counts on.

The enumerators must fill out their forms using a #2 pencil because the forms go through a scantron. I believe each enumerator received two pencils when we started. Pencils have a way of disappearing as you know, and erasers wear down. We received a few of those little erasers you can put on the end of the pencil when the original eraser cries No More, but the little erasers break after 3-4 erasures.

So this morning I went to the census office and turned in time sheets, etc., and I requested pencils. I was allowed to have four. Ten enumerators currently work under my supervision and three more will start this week. Four pencils for 13 people.

I guess the government fears someone will take extra pencils and make a killing by selling them on the street.

New policies and procedures continue to be announced almost every day. When I go to the census office, it's as if I'm one of the three billy goats gruff trying to cross the bridge. The Field Ops trolls do their utmost to amaze and confound me, but I refuse to give in to them when they tell me to do something I know I am not supposed to do.

In fact, last week I learned the magic words that banish trolls. Shhhh - it's a secret so I'm typing very softly. The magic words are: M**** said. M**** is the boss of the entire operation for this area. I met her on Wednesday and the very next day a troll who bore a strong resemblance to the hunchback of Notre Dame was scurrying around like a rat in heat telling me to do something I'm not supposed to do.

That was the first time I used M**** said and suddenly I was in charge.

I love power.

It's a shame I'm a Muggle who was never invited to Hogwarts.



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