Monday, May 17, 2010


Ah, Gentle Readers, Sunday was restful until I had to be involved in the evening waste of time conference call, and today is off to a good start because it's raining. In fact, it's pouring.

My beloved enumerators don't venture out in the rain, so they're not calling me every five minutes with questions.

So I watched the movie Brothers. Brothers is quite dramatic and I found Tobey Maguire's performance to be quite moving.

I like Tobey Maguire, but he usually seems so calm in movies that sometimes I wonder if nobody bothers to wake him up before he performs. Take, for example, The Cider House Rules. It seems to me that a man having an affair with a woman who looks like Charlize Theron because she is Charlize Theron would show considerably more passion than Tobey Maguire does. He's also just too relaxed about practicing medicine without a license and performing abortions.

But somebody definitely poked Tobey until he woke up for Brothers. Strangely though, at times I felt I had seen the movie before, and I certainly did not see it in a theater. It just came out on DVD recently, and I know I didn't see Brodre, the Danish movie on which it is based. I just had this weird deja vu feeling at times during the movie. If you know of a movie that's very similar to Brothers, then please let me know so I can stop wondering why it seemed so familiar at times.

By the way, I like the book The Cider House Rules by John Irving very much and I recommend it.

And I like the movie. Michael Caine is always good and I like Tobey well enough, even when he sleepwalks.

I wonder how they shot Tobey and Charlize together so she didn't tower over him. Maybe he stood on a stack of phone books. Charlize, I believe, is six feet tall, and I don't think Tobey approaches such heights. After all, he played a jockey in Seabiscuit.

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Homer: Goodnight, you princes of Maine. You kings of New England.




  1. Hey, lovely lady! Brothers may seem so familliar because it is actually based on a fairly popular Danish film from 2004 by the same name that takes place in Afghanistan. I saw that one, and its quite good! Haven't seen the one with Tobey, though!

  2. or it could be because of the whole odyssey thing... take your pick :)

  3. I'm absolutely positive I didn't see Brodre, but I might watch it to see what it's like.


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