Thursday, September 22, 2016


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I have a fun movie for you. It's The Nice Guys (2016, Rated R, Available on DVD).

The Nice Guys stars Russell Crowe––who looks kind of old and frumpy with a beer belly––as the straight man, and that actor who is handsome and sexy because he looks almost exactly like Willy Dunne Wooters, as the funny guy. I can't think of his name.

Oh, yeah. Ryan Gosling. I love Ryan Gosling. He's eye candy, and he's hilarious.

Two private detectives in 1970s Los Angeles team up to investigate the death of a porn star named Misty Mountains. Soon they're on the hunt for a young woman named Amelia, with complications as Holland March's (Ryan Gosling's) young teenage daughter Holly (Angourie Rice) often manages to tag along and add to the gleefully crazy plot.

Holly: You're the guy who beat up my dad.
Holland March: No. Sucker-punched your dad. Big difference.

Russell Crowe as Jackson Healy seems as if he's pretty much walking through the movie as himself but with more of an American accent, so that leaves it to Gosling and Rice to provide the great comedic timing, and they do.

Holly: [At party] Dad, there are whores here n'stuff.
Holland March: Don't say n'stuff. Just say, Dad, there are whores here.

I can't say this movie made me roll on the floor laughing, but I chuckled pretty much non-stop. Thus and so, The Nice Guys earns The Janie Junebug Seal of Cute and Funny Because of Ryan Gosling and The Girl Who Plays His Daughter, And I Hope I See More Of Her In The Future.

Wow! I think that must the longest Seal of Approval that I've ever given.

Holland March: Everybody, just back up! Jesus Christ!
Janet: [stunned] You took the Lord's name in vain.
Holland March: No I didn't, Janet. I actually found it very useful.

Keep in mind that this movie involves porn stars and has lots of naked boobies, so I recommend that you not show it to your children. If you watch with older teens, be prepared to put your hands over their eyes or yours to avoid the embarrassment of looking at naked boobies together.

Holly: Do you by any chance know a girl named Amelia? I think she did a film with Sid Shattuck.
Young Porn Queen: Don't know her, but Sid's gross. He told me this one chick was his sister, right, and then a few days later I walk in on them and they're all doing anal and stuff.
Holly: [sighs] Don't say, "and stuff." Just say, "They're doing anal."

Happy viewing!

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

These lines make me laugh:

Jackson Healy: So, you know the old lady, right? Did you believe her?
Holland March: What about?
Jackson Healy: When she said she saw Misty alive that night, did you believe her?
Holland March: God, no. She's blind as a bat.
Jackson Healy: Uh-huh.
Holland March: She has actual coke bottles for glasses. You paint a mustache on a Volkswagen, she says, "Boy, that Omar Sharif sure runs fast."

This photo makes me drool:


  1. I saw this movie recently. It's fun!

  2. Oh I so want to see this movie! It looks funny as hell and I love Russell does my hubby. Misty Mountains sounds like the perfect name for a James Bond girl:)

  3. Sounds pretty good n'stuff.

  4. Just ordered it through Netflix--thanks!!

  5. I just watched this movie! I laughed much more than I ever expected to. One of those movies where everything that can go wrong does. There were so many lines like the ones you highlighted. The actors were great and that young girl was terrific. :)

  6. I agree with your assessment of Ryan Gosling. I think he's cute in a "younger than my kids" sort of way.

    The movie sounds funny. I will have to watch it at some point. Right now all the new network and cable shows are starting their Fall line-ups. It may be awhile before I am back to watching movies.

  7. We managed to see this one but it was only so-so, nothing memorable.

  8. Sounds like you really enjoyed this one. Gosling is not my type of eye-candy, instead I can't wait for tomorrow and the start of the second season of Poldark. That guy, that Irish actor, whose name I don't know, Aiden something, I think, is my kind of guy. Too many commas, maybe??

  9. This sounds hilarious. I'll have to see if the li-barry has it since I don't to the mail Netflix. As opposed to the male Netflix.

    Off to have some pork for dinner.


  10. Naked boobies, you say? :P

    But seriously though, what happened to Russell Crowe? It wouldn't surprise me at all that he was sleepwalking through this one and let Mr. Handsome carry the comedy. I actually had not seen any Ryan Gosling movie (because I'm not part of his target demographic of "all women everywhere") until I rented the Big Short. That was an interesting film.

    I might check this one out one day, too - but I've got about a dozen in the queue right now.

    1. My son asked me a few days ago if I'd seen the Ryan Gosling movie "Drive." I had, and I love it. My son loves it, too. Willy Dunne Wooters, my son, and I all love "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

  11. Definitely not one to show the kids. Sounds like it would be entertaining, though.

  12. There was a TV series that was called "The Good Goys" with Bradley Whitfprd (had to look that up) and Colin Hanks. I thought it super clever funny show but only lasted one season. BOO ! It is on Netflix.

    cheers, parsnip


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