Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Dear Hearts and Gentle People,

Many thanks to those of you who participated in the Labor Day Blogfest and Book Fair in honor of our pal Melynda at Crazy World. I don't know the final total that will be donated to The American Diabetes Association, but I know books sold well and many of the free e-books went to the #1 spot in their respective categories on

I continue to tap tap away on the computer (if I were Shirley Temple I could tap fast enough to dance with Mr. Bojangles), editing and writing. I'm trying to visit your blogs more often. I miss you too much when I don't take the time to read what you're up to.

It looks as if Date #2 with Elvis Aaron Schwarz is on for this Saturday night.
Remember me?
I'm Elvis Aaron Schwarz.

I'm going to cook dinner for Elvis. We're having grilled chicken, broccoli, and each other whole-grain apple cinnamon muffins that will serve as part of the dinner and be dessert when we're not eating each other. Oh, my God, that is so filthy. It is all Lola's fault. You know how she takes over sometimes. 

Elvis and I are on high protein diets, and we've agreed to encourage one another in our weight loss goals. 

And didn't Suz post something recently about semen being a natural anti-depressant?

Not that I have any interest in such a substance.

However, I do feel a wee bit depressed. The heat gets to me. I know some of you live in parts of the country where it's cooling off, whereas it will probably stay quite hot here in the land of orange juice until the end of October. Then it will be very warm until Christmas. After that, we might have a few chilly days, or at least the natives will think it's chilly.

I can't help laughing when I see people bundled up in winter coats, hats, and gloves -- all because the temperature has dropped to 60 degrees. No snow shoveling for me, and no coat required.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug, with entirely too much help from Lola


  1. Cooking my will be having fur-burgers and tube stakes. Enjoy.

    1. I don't seem to have a response to that. It's a first: I'm speechless, except for saying I'm speechless.

  2. Apple Cinnamon Muffins. Must be code for something. Lola probably knows.

    Have fun with this guy, he seems pretty cool!

  3. Hehehehe, you and Lola absolutely crack me up! Naughty, naughty Lola, you saucy minx you! Good luck on your date and try not to 'pack in' too much protein ;)
    I'm with you on the depression front but my sadness is that I have to bust out the summer gear when it hits the 60's!

    1. That's too cold for me. I like it warm, but not as hot as it's been this summer. Lola is saucy indeed. Shame on her.

  4. excited for you, Janie :) dinner sounds great including the parts you've crossed. 60deg is kind of cold me though.
    its always between 25 to 33 deg celcius here.

  5. Uh. . . this must be investigated further before Beau comes to stay. Is there a CPS for canines?

    1. I will not have dates when Beau is here. Beau will be my first priority, along with my own furry children.

  6. Interesting menu--enjoy your dinner!!


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