Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Welcome to the Labor Day Book Fair! 

Wayman publishing has teamed up
with many phenomenal authors
to bring you this Labor Day weekend event.


For three whole days
--September 2-3-4--
you can download these featured 

e-books  for FREE.

. . . And . . .

You can download many other books
to entertain you in the days ahead.

Discover Upcoming Books!

Author’s biography
The author was born in Athens, Greece in 1955 and is a dual U.S. / Greek citizen. After obtaining his Engineering Sc. B. degree in
mechanical engineering from Brown University in 1977 he went on to
Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA in 1979. He is married
and has two children and lives in Athens but often visits America (Boston where his daughter studies and his son works). He is currently employed by the largest Greek manufacturing Co.
(10% of Greek exports) as the Senior Financial Analyst. His interests
include poetry, romance fiction and actively following economic
developments in the U.S. and Europe.
Coming Soon!

 More Details Coming Soon!


. . . Also . . .

You can enter to win CASH or physical books
by outstanding authors such as
Valerie Bowen,
Adrienne deWolfe,
Peter Thomas Senese,
Lucy Swing,
Kara Tollman. 

In honor of Melynda Fleury--who
has bravely been fighting diabetes and almost completely lost her
Wayman Publishing and Rick Gualtieri are also donating 5-10% profit from select physical book sales to the American Diabetes Association

We hope you enjoyed discovering new authors and their stories

at our Labor Day Blogfest and Book Fair.


  1. I wonder how many hoops I'd have to jump through, how much money I'd be out, and how UNREAD I'd end up if I tried this publisher.

  2. Oh, sweetheart. You wouldn't say that if you knew Elisa, who started Wayman Publishing. That's why I keep encouraging you to look at The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom, Elisa's blog. She is exactly the right publisher for your book, and the editing I'm doing is for Wayman Publishing. I'm very proud to be part of this company. Elisa is quite the young writer and entrepreneur. Please get to know her, and I think you'll find there is a publisher who is a kind and loving person.

  3. I saw this over at Pat Hatt's blog. I followed a lot of the people listed. I think it's a cool giveaway! I was wondering about Wayman Publishing for my chapter book series for kids, but it doesn't look like they publish any of those kind of books.

    1. Think again, Miss Sherry. Wayman is now Pat's publisher for his children's books. They also publish EC Stilson's YA series. I'm doing some of their editing. Contact Elisa at Wayman for more information. You'd probably fit in beautifully.

    2. Sherry, If you scroll down a bit, you'll see a comment from Elisa stating that they aren't accepting any new manuscripts until September, but September is almost here. In the meantime, you should get to know our Elisa. If you aren't following her, you will be glad if you do.

      P.S. Elisa is my not-so-secret middle child.

  4. Janie, how do I do a post about this on my blog? Can I just copy and past on my blog or do I need to embed something? I want to give Mel some publicity, like we talked about. Email me and let me know what I need to do.
    Thank you :)

  5. Hi Janie! What a great thing that they are donating to the American Diabetes Association!

    1. It's a worthy cause, made even worthier to all of us who know Melynda, even if we only know her by her blog.

  6. I approve this message.

    1. Then I shall vote for you for whatever office you want.

  7. Wayman is not accepting any new authors until Sept. Don't send your stuff till then or it won't get looked at. However I'm with Janie on this one ladies. E is the most amazing talented and kind person I've ever dealt with. She only accepts certain genres but if you fit in her categories she is extremely fair and unbiased. As for this book fair... I can't believe it is taking off like this! What fun. Janie thank you for all your hard work editing my book! You truly are a champ. Love ya lady!

    1. Thanks for the additional information, and editing your book was a pleasure.

  8. What a great event - thanks for letting us know about it.

    1. Thank you for thanking me, Veb, Vebbie, Vebarino.

  9. Hiya Janie. Just popping in to say hi. I expect great things from the big shindig this coming week. I've told everyone I know.

  10. Janie,

    You are awesome :) Thanks for always being so good to me.

    As far as Wayman goes, we're being very selective about future books since we pay 100% and promote as well. Here's more info if anyone is interested: http://waymanpublishing.webs.com/contactus.htm


    1. Thank you, M.C.

      Your Mother From Another Planet

  11. Dear Janie, this is exciting, isn't it? Elisa continues to amaze me with her ideas for how to publicize books. She is truly creative. And you amaze me with your poetry. And Melynda amazes me with her attitude toward diabetes. I like this being amazed. What it comes down to is the firm and rooted belief that life is mostly amazing! Peace.

    1. Hugs and kisses to you, Dee. Life is, indeed, truly amazing.

  12. great idea as I love free books and it looks like there are some great titles here

  13. I'm glad the books look good to you, G, and who doesn't love free books?

  14. I've signed up but, I dislike the concept of taking the books for free when I know how labor intensive book writing is. I wish I could buy all the book, but I don't have all the time to read right now.

    I'm always behind Elisa and Melynda. They are role models.

    1. That's very kind and thoughtful of you, Peaches. I know you'll buy books when you have time to read, or consider the possibility of starting your Christmas shopping now.


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