Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Padded Cell Princess Maggie at Padded Cell Confessions has graciously presented an award to this humble commoner. I have received this award before, and I've been turning away award presenters (I'm waiting for my Academy Award or some sort of award for grammar); but I decided to accept this award because it's about sweetness. I need virtual sugar in my life. It's also a relatively simple award. I only have to think of three random things to tell you about myself.

At this point, I don't think there's much about me you don't already know.

Oh. Wait a minute. I reread Maggie's post. I have to tell you seven random things about myself. This may require creativity. Which of these seven do you think I've invented? If any.

1. My favorite play by Shakespeare: King Lear

As an early spring approaches
the air surrounds us with the pink of apple blossoms
and a sky so blue it could split the air in two
yet I stop to wonder why you are not as devoted to me
as Cordelia is to you

2. My favorite quotation from Shakespeare (from The Scottish Play):

Life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

3. I don't do craftsy, girl stuff, but I love to bake and dress up and wear pretty jewelry.

4. I wanna be an Aronsky; that is, I want to join Rory's family and intend to do so as soon as it is convenient, which means never. Is never good for you and your family, Rory?

5. My mom made a stuffed Winnie the Pooh for me when I was about six. I slept with him and cuddled him until I wore him out at age 19. Then she made me another.

6. The best essay I wrote in college was for my Greek Mythology class. I wrote about the use of mythology in A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man by James Joyce.  

7. When I was growing up, my favorite TV show was The Waltons.

Now what? 

I'm supposed to present this award to three people. Bloggers rarely accept the awards I give them. They just pretend it's not there. What to do? What to do?

I'll give it to The Frisky Virgin for being so very frisky; The Writer Currently Known as Rory at Scraps of Literacy because he needs to accept awards graciously (don't make me call Mom, Dad, and Meridith); and Maxwell at Misanthropy Chronicles because it will probably piss him off and he enjoys being pissed off.

Have I fulfilled my award-winner obligation?

I do believe I have.

Thank you very much, Maggie, and if you are a blogger whose award I've turned down, I'm very sorry. I'm not as gracious and thankful as I should be. It's because I'm sad and some people don't like me, and I'll never again write an essay as good as the one on portrait of the artist and I'll never write a poem as good as Sylvia Plath's worst poem, and I have dozens of excuses, but I'm tired so I think I'll try to sleep for a bit.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Hamlet, scene ii

  2. Maggie is a sweet heart! I love her and you! Hope all is going well for you. Thanks for coming over so often and cheering me up. It means a lot.. Sorry I can't always get over here as much as I want to.

  3. Yay for JJ! Congrats on winning an award again. You will have to put a bumper sticker on your car now!

  4. Congratulations. :D

  5. Good one, fishducky.

    Hi Melynda! Everything is fine. I love visiting you. When you can get here it's great, and when you can't, I'll find you. It's called stalking.

    Your Majesty, The only bumper sticker I want on my car would says My Kid can beat up your honor roll kid with her Ph.D.

  6. Dear Janie,
    Two words that sour the stomach and make bitter the day are "should" and "never." Pluck them from your troubled mind and dispose of them in the garbage can. Then dream of "choose" and "manifest."


  7. You're absolutely right, Dee. Thank you, as always.

  8. Thank you for that! I've never thought it necessary to receive accolades for how I live everyday and what I believe life should be. Yet, I will accept this graciously. :)

    And never would be fine, as long as it doesn't take much longer to happen. ;)

  9. Rory, I'm happy you capitulated so easily. I promise never will be here before you know it.

  10. Thank you so much for the award! *Hugs*

    I LOVED the Winnie the Pooh story--dang near cried. lol It's so sweet!

    My mom and I would watch Little House on the Prairie everyday when I was little. I always considered Little House and The Waltons two really nice family programs...there aren't as many wholesome family shows today, are there?

  11. Frisky, It is hard to find wholesome TV shows. I miss Seventh Heaven.

  12. You definitely deserve! I absolutely love that your mom made you another Pooh when you wore the first out! What a wonderful mom memory. Greek Mythology has always fascinated me, although I still don't know a whole lot of the stories. I am learning about some of the Celtic Mythology here though. Apparently we can't eat blackberries after November 1st or the Puca will get us! ;)

  13. Maggie, Stay away from the Puca. Run! Actually, I know nothing about Celtic Mythology. The Greeks run around in my head and many of my poems have a basis in Greek mythology.

  14. It was the Scottish play that made me appreciate Shakespeare.

    I wanted to be Lady Macbeth in the school play, I got to be a witch.

    Congrats on the award ;)

  15. Jane, Being a witch would be fun, but Lady Macbeth? Brilliant. I just can't get this blood off my hands!


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