Friday, October 21, 2011


Gentle Readers,

Some of you may have noticed recently in my comments that My Dear Mrs. Tuna mentioned I had lost 15 pounds, but it's 15 1/2. Let's be accurate.

True, my boobs are bodacious and overall, I'm quite salacious. But I weigh more than I should.

Menopause and midlife marriage dissolution added the pounds, and to my shock, they did not simply drop after the divorce.

Hmmmmm . . . Which should I have? Cake or cake?

So last spring I started thinking more and more about changing my eating habits. Then I saw a commercial for NutriSystem: Fifty percent off plus I received an additional discount with my health insurance plan.

I decided to go for it.

The minute I made that decision, my sugar use waned. When the NutriSystem meals arrived, I got my portions under control.

To help me even more, Sandra decided to return to fitness competitions. Hearing about her workouts and what she was eating inspired me so much that after three months, I felt I could go off the NutriSystem and design my own diet.

 Which one is me and which is Sandra? Can you guess?

When the weather cooperates, I walk the dogs for my exercise and their joy-- one dog at a time to provide me with even more exercise.

I'm under no illusion that I'm ever going to be as ripped as Sandra, whom I admire tremendously for her devotion and will power.

Sandra is Sandra; Lola is Lola. The world couldn't handle more than one of each of us.

But I'm continuing to lose, and I ain't gonna quit till I feel like me again. No crazy fad diets or fasting. Good healthy meals and snacks that let me take off the weight slowly and don't make me feel deprived.

In fact, since I'm doing so well, I'm going to start posting photos of myself as I turn into more and more of a loser. This is a pretty big deal because the only photo of me that's ever been on this blog was when you saw the back of my head in front of City Lights Bookstore during my San Francisco holiday.

So here's my current photo:

Tee hee. Just kidding. You haven't seen me yet.

Infinities of love,



  1. Oh City Lights, one of my dream bookstores.

    Oh woman in the photo with the horrifyingly huge bazongas, go toward Coffeypot's way. I can't do anything with those. I'm a leg man anyway.

    And that's exactly how I did it, Lola. Lost 60 pounds starting from last October to April of this year. I've been a little off-track for a while, not so severely that I've gained a majority of it back, but I've begun paying close attention to my diet again, and I feel really good. Totally at ease.

  2. I'm so excited for you! This is an awesome plan.

    P. S. I'm a cake addict too. :)

  3. Congrats on the weight loss and did you notice you rhymed there too, what got into you..haha

  4. Good for you, Miss Lola! I look forward to seeing a picture of your new svelte self.

  5. You crazy woman! lol Well done! I'm so proud of you.. Portion control is so very important. I'm sure I've told you this but I actually help people lose weight. In fact at this moment I'm running a weight lose challenge. Having lost over 100 pounds myself I know how hard it is to face the world when you are overweight. I'm so happy for you I could bust!! Keep up the good work lady

  6. I think you should have the cake. :P

  7. Dang, now I want cake... ;)
    Keep it up lady! After my last 3 month trip to the States and living with my mom-in-law who would choke Paula Dean with all the butter she cooks with, Branden and I packed on the pounds! True, it finally gave me an ass which I have actually never had before but it left us both feeling tired and unconfident.
    Luckily (mostly down to not having much money for groceries!) we are both losing weight and it's a great feeling! I will never be a stick like my sis but I figure as long as I eat healthy and get moving, then I've got to be doing something right. You should be very proud for your 15 1/2 lbs!

  8. No matter how much I eat, I am as skinny as a pencil. :S

  9. Awesome job, Lola, losing over 15 pounds. Keep up the good work, but don't go all anorexic on us or anything. Just stay healthy. :)

    (I really should join you on your portion control and exercise plan. . . . I'll think about it...)

  10. I will post my "after" if you post yours. :)

  11. Julianna, I will definitely post my after, but till I'm where I want to be. That's going to take quite a while. But my after is going to be me wearing nothing but jewelry. And Chanel No. 5 and a smile. I don't know who will take it for me. Not Favorite Young Man.
    Rory, My legs are lousy. I have bodacious ta-tas, not horrifiers like the woman in the photo. Have you been to City Lights? It's a dream come true when you get inside.
    Elisa, Thank you, dear.
    Pat, Your rhyming is an infection that can't be avoided no matter how many times I wash my hands. If I write after I read you the rhymes pop up of their own account.
    Jane, I won't be svelte for quite some time, but I won't give up until I am what I was.
    Melynda, I don't recall you saying that you help people lose weight, but I also don't recall what I was doing five minutes ago.
    My 2 Pesos, Tengo hambre, but you eat the cake.
    Padded Cell Princess, Poverty really takes the weight off.
    Interwebs Fails, You want an ass kickin', don'tcha?
    Legal Mist, No anorexia here. I'm still well padded.

  12. Julianna, I meant to say but NOT till I'm where I want to be.

  13. Go for it! You'll be a rockin' hot momma in no time, Lola style, of course!

  14. 15 1/2 pounds -- that's impressive. Now show us that picture girlfren.

  15. No real pictures of me Rick until I'm done losing it. Then, as I already promised Julianna, it will be me in jewelry, Chanel No. 5, and a smile.
    Stephanie, I was always considered the hip mom by the teenagers who hung out at our house, some of whom belonged to me. Now I'm the mom with the big hips, but that will change.

  16. Great job. Me? I'm just trying to avoid putting on more weight.

  17. Followed!
    By the way, I do not like to be this skinny. D:

  18. i'm supposed to be running now, but on the other hand, i'm on here, thinking if i should have a cake or not !


  19. Interweb Fails, Maybe we all need to bake something for you.
    Jaya J, Run! Run while you're young and you can do it. And welcome to WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME.

  20. Gizmo Dear, No one ever promised that life would be easy.


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