Friday, February 18, 2011


Such a day I had yesterday, Gentle Readers.

I recently obtained a job other than staying at home with my dogs and writing to you, but I had not yet received word on when I was to begin. I was anxiously awaiting the phone call that would signal the first day; I kept my phone by my side at all times. Then yesterday morning the phone rang and it was a person of importance saying, Today is your first day. Didn't you receive the email we sent you? Be here first thing tomorrow.

No, I did not receive an email, but when I checked the spam, among the stuff from Omaha Steaks and Hallmark and Blockbuster, there were two important emails telling me how and when I was to start my job. I never check the junk because I've never had anything important go there before.

But it turned out that God sent the email to the wrong folder on purpose. He wanted me to be at home because Franklin broke a window. He was standing on the couch with both paws pressed against the glass, barking at someone who dared to pass by his house, when all of a sudden SMASH! BREAKING GLASS! and Franklin took off running toward the back door. I followed, afraid of finding bloody paws, but he was mercifully uninjured. Glass remaining in the window hung like daggers. What if I hadn't been home and one of the dogs had tried to go out the window?

Thanks to my wonderful realtor who sold me the house and has helped me out so many times, I found someone who came right out to fix the window and he didn't even charge me an arm and a leg, and believe me I might have paid that way if it had been necessary.

So it was definitely a good thing I was at home. I started the job this morning, and the piano is back in front of the window so there will be no more standing on the couch with our paws on the glass. I only moved the piano because the tuner said to keep it away from the dampness but it had already been in that spot for 18 months with no damage to it and I think everything will be o.k.

Including me. I had to get up early this morning. : (

Infinities of love and gratitude for a job so I can keep the dog world turning,



  1. Congratulations on the new job! I hope it goes well, and that you will like it. :)

  2. I hope I'll like it too. So far it's crazier than my ex-husband.

    No -- nothing is that crazy.



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