Friday, February 11, 2011


Gentle Readers,

Earlier this week I caught a new episode of Inside the Actors Studio, featuring my beloved Colin Firth.

Mr. Firth was lovely with his lovely face, lovely hair, lovely voice, lovely ever-so masculine figure, and lovely somewhat deprecating and sweet sense of humor. Did I mention he was lovely?

I have loved Colin Firth ever since The Pride and Prejudice mini-series. No Mr. Darcy can compare with Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy. He is the definitive Fitzwilliam Darcy, and oh my goodness gracious, he is so sexy in what is known as the pond scene.

Of course, he has also been wonderful in a few other movies, such as Shakespeare In Love, A Single Man, and Bridget Jones's Diary, in which he plays another Mr. Darcy -- this time Mark Darcy. It had never occurred to me before, but my dear James Lipton pointed out that the plot of Bridget Jones's Diary is meant to mirror that of Pride and Prejudice, with Mark Darcy as the somewhat reticent but ultimately heroic and deeply in love Mr. Darcy, and Hugh Grant as the scoundrel Wickham, who in this version is named Daniel Cleaver.

My beloved Colin is nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for The King's Speech. Dean Lipton showed some clips from it and it appears to be a top-notch film. I would like to see it now in a theater, but here in the hinterlands, it is quite a trek through terrible weather on lousy roads to get to theaters, which are too expensive. Most likely, I will see this film on DVD. Praise the Lord for Netflix.

Anyway, if you didn't catch Colin Firth on Inside the Actors Studio, which airs on Bravo, it isn't too late. It airs again Tuesday, February 22nd, at 6 a.m. Set your DVR. While you wait, you can watch clips from the show on the Bravo Web site.

Infinities of love to you and to my Fitzwilliam Darcy, from his true Elizabeth Bennett, a.k.a.,


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