Thursday, August 19, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I'm afraid I really must insist that you read this description from ebay by clicking on the LINK. It's the same person I wrote about before. She just cracks me up.

I hope she lists stuff for sale on ebay forever.

A couple of very polite young men delivered something new and comfy to my house yesterday and for some reason we started talking about grammar. I'm not sure why they are working as moving men, maybe they are earning money for college or helping a relative. Or maybe they just like their work. That's fine. They were very well spoken and intelligent and were bemoaning their peers' (I use the term loosely) inability to read and spell. They said the stuff on Craig's List is terrible. I've never looked there, but I just can't believe some of the bad writing on ebay. People use the wrong word and then they spell it incorrectly. On more than one occasion I've seen acception for exception. I've seen that error on signs in stores too.

I mentioned to them that when my second child was in elementary school that the kids who couldn't read tended to be the cruelest. Not always, but it was a pretty big problem. They agreed with me and said that being mean is what passes for fun for those children. One girl in particular who once asked me what the word B-O-N-E said, was particularly nasty to my darling child. This went on for years until they were in fifth grade and I said to my child, You know by the time S***** A******* is 16 years old, she'll be pregnant, living in a trailer, and on drugs.

I hope that's not what happened to S.A. I hope that by some miracle she learned to read or found a decent job she could get that didn't require literacy.

I hope, I hope, I hope,

Oh, woe is us.

Infinities of love,


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