Monday, August 9, 2010


Gentle Readers,

It's time for an update on Robin!

I realized suddenly that she has been here for two months.

As you may recall, Robin is the cancer-stricken foster dog who came to my home with my son's young lady love.

And I am happy to report that Robin looks and seems to feel great.

I give her an anti-inflammatory with her breakfast in the morning, and about once a week she starts to look droopy and unhappy and then it's pain pill time.

But other than that, she is Rockin' Robin. She has mammary cancer and bone cancer. The mammary tumor is quite large, but it doesn't seem to bother her. The bone cancer is in her shoulder, and when she arrived, she limped badly. Now, however, she seldom limps. She jumps happily for her bowl at meal time, eats heartily, and enjoys going outside. Sometimes I peek out the window at her and see her lying on the patio out back, just enjoying the safe world inside the fence.

My nicknames for her are Robin-a-bobbin because she's bouncy and happy and it rhymes, and Little Lady because she's the only female dog in my world and it's a good name for quiet times when we're cuddling in bed.

The vet's prognosis was three months. It's been two.

Whatever happens, I will make sure she is as happy and comfortable as possible up to the last minute.

With love and joy,


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  1. What a lucky little doggy, livin' the good life at last -- and it sounds like you are feeling lucky, too.


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