Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dear John,

Why do you do it? Why do you do this to yourself? You have humiliated yourself in public repeatedly.

When you were the candidate for vice-president, you seemed intelligent and you were definitely eye candy.

But now I just think you're an idiot.

You took a huge dump on your wife. Why, how, could you do such a thing? Is Newt Gingrich your role model? Is this the way your dad treated your mom? Did you learn it from him? You just do it with more money?

Or would your father be ashamed of you? I am ashamed of you. I know the burden, the misery, an affair places on the wife.

You also took a dump on that woman with whom you had the affair. We can say she went into with her eyes open, but why did you make yourself available to her? Why? Didn't it ever occur to you that it would become public?

And, of course, you took a dump on all your children, including the young daughter you have with The Other Woman. Denied she was your child. Couldn't possibly be yours.

I thought you became a wealthy lawyer because you were so intelligent. Now, I think you're a slick smart ass - kind of a Bill Clinton. You are so lucky your wife puts up with you, but I hope she'll see the light and dump you. She shouldn't have to spend her final days on Earth this way.

You took a dump on all those women, but the person you took the biggest dump on was yourself. And it's going to be damned hard to clean it off.

No love to you but best wishes and prayers for God's blessings on the women you've harmed,

Dumped First Wife

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