Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

It's time for the November 1, 2016, Battle of the Bands.

Our host, Mr. Stephen T. McCarthy, provides us with this information about the bloghop:

The whole thing is really quite simple: You select two different versions of the same song (versions  you feel might give each other some competition in the voting) and you post them on the 1st and the 15th of each month. On the 7th and 21st of each month, you add your own personal vote to the mix, total up all the votes and announce the winner on your blog.

Beyond that, just try to have fun with it and let your readers/voters have fun with it.

All righty, then. Let's have fun!

Do you remember this guy?

It's George Michael before he got into a
wee-wee bit of trouble.

Faith, from George Michael's debut album, was 1988's top selling single in the U.S. George Michael wrote the song, so he is our first contender: 

And now for something completely different, it's Limp Bizkit (my son told me to use this version so if you don't like it please blame it on him):

Limp Bizkit's version of Faith, with heavier drumming and guitar playing, was popular in their live performances, so they decided to include it on their 1998 debut album because they like to "cover cheesy pop songs."

Now it's your turn. Please tell us in your comment if you prefer George Michael's or Limp Bizkit's Faith, and why. I'll return on November 7 to add up the votes and announce the winner.

Please visit Mr. Stephen T. McCarthy to get a complete list of the participants in this bloghop so you can visit everyone. Perhaps you'll even decide to join us.

Now, do you know who this guy is?

Righty-roo, it's George!
He's younger than I am, but I'm
quite certain I look better.
He needs to get my Sam Sam to do
something to his hair.

Infinities of love and joy,

Janie Junebug


  1. I kind of like hearing "cheezy pop songs" given a heavy treatment--this version was interesting. But still I prefer the George Michael version. So smooth and catchy.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Hi Janie - I think I'll stick with George ... looks like he needs a cut-throat razor shave .... seems to be the fashion though .. cheers Hilary

  3. Hey Janie,
    fun battle! I'm giving my vote to George Michael. Limp Bizkit's version was fun until it got to the screaming. I hate screaming in music. It just hurts my ears. I'm old now...



    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. I usually prefer the original artist's version.

  5. George Michael! Sounds great and isn't too bad to look at either...

  6. I've never been the biggest George Michael fan, but really never been a fan of Limp Bizkit at all. Don't like being shouted at so I won't be going with them.
    My choice is for George Michael.
    Did you ever see the Weird Al version of George's song? LOL

  7. It's George all the way!!!! I still think he's hot.

  8. Oh Limp Bizkit, now I remember why you don't exist anymore. No one should have told Fred Durst that he can sing and encouraged him like that. Give our vote to Georgey-boy.

  9. Oh my goodness I loved Wham!

  10. Yikes! That photo of older George was a bit starting. Some people age better than others. I was never a fan of his and didn't care for the song when it first came out. Please give my vote to the harder rock sound of Limp Bizkit and tell your son "good choice". ☺

  11. Definitely George on this one. I don't like the screaming music at all. Seems funny to see him without hair when he was so known for his beautiful hair. He'd look better if he was smiling.

  12. I'm going to abstain from voting because I've never heard Limp Bizkit's version and I can't play it at the library. I wish a rockabilly band would cover this song.

  13. oh dear. I like Limp Bizkit, but Perhaps it's because I'm rather fond of the 80's and I do have a soft spot for George Michael. Anyway, my vote goes to George Michael.


  14. Limp Biskit's lead singer sounded like he had gotten hit in the stomach before he started. George Michael all the way here.

  15. I have never cared for this song so I am going with Limp Bizkit's version because they at least made this lame song interesting.

  16. Limp Biskit's lead singer voice is so rough and the screaming is just not for me.
    But I did like in the video when the crowd is a swarming mass of bodies jumping at faith and no doubt throwing up.
    I have such a soft spot for George Michael and I have always loved this song.
    Now I need to get up and dance.

    cheers, parsnip

  17. I don't like either one, but count my vote for Limp Bizkit because I don't dislike it as much. Always interesting to listen to your selections, Janie!

    P.S. - the George Michael video wouldn't load up here in Belize (not available in my country), so I found it on another site.

  18. Janie, your son's cover choice didn't do much for me. lol I'm with John the lead singer for Limp Biskit sounded liked he got hit the stomach. It's George Michael for me, too!

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  20. George Michael gets my vote fun riff, LB was interesting and different

  21. I haven't done this in a while, but ALL of my votes for George Michael! If this isn't a landslide for George Michael, I might riot, which, if it's just one person, might be called vandalism, but that's how anti-Limp Bizkit I am. Also, what's up with the final dig at George's looks at the end there? I think he looks fine. Not like, "exceptional" type fine, but he doesn't look like he has been ravaged by time, he looks like he took the normal amount of wear and tear. Especially for a guy who became a rock star in the 80s, I think he deserves some credit. Mainly, I think George Michael is getting harsh treatment here. He's doing okay, looks great, needs a different choice in eye wear, sure, but he doesn't deserve to ever be compared to Limp Bizkit.

  22. Limp Bizkit left me well... limp. On the other hand, I loves me some George Michael. He gets my vote!

  23. Oh gosh...that is a strong NO to Limp Bizkit because every time he sang the chorus it sounded like he was throwing up. Hated that version and I did listen to it all the way to the end. My vote goes, obviously, to George Michael.


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