Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Gentle Readers,

When Franklin first approached me without fear but with love, it was to lick my toes.

He has continued to lick my toes from time to time, but also gives kisses where they really belong, and no, I do not mean my butt.

Franklin's love of my feet now extends to my slippers. After he had been with me a couple of nights, I slid out of my comfy bed in the morning ready to slide my feet into my slippers and found only one. A quick search uncovered the missing slipper on a doggie bed, hidden behind the curtains.

The slipper was not chewed. It was merely wet and had obviously received a good licking.

I resolved to put my slippers away at night from then on. Franklin had taught me a lesson about picking up after myself.

Good dog, Franklin.

But then last night I got out my nightie and slippers and put the nightie on the bed and the slippers on the floor and went in the bathroom for a little flossing, brushing, and washing.

I came out and both slippers were gone. Again, both slippers were on a doggie bed and had received their licking and kept on ticking.

Apparently, Franklin likes the way my feet taste and smell. Perhaps he also likes the way they look but has not yet found the words to tell me how he feels.

What a lovely compliment. Not many men go for my feet, especially in such a gentle manner.

Thank you, Franklin.

Infinities of love,


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