Thursday, September 2, 2010


Gentle Readers,

Since the death of my beloved, my other two dogs have changed.

About two weeks after the terrible day, they suddenly seemed to realize that the King of the family was not returning.

One now approaches me far more often to request petting and attention. The other sits on my lap, which he usually does only during the winter.

Do they need comfort because He is gone, or do they realize that I now have more time for them?

When my son and his young lady love come to visit, they also request more attention from them and even dole out a few kisses, which they tend to give sparingly.

They are good dogs; they are not dogs of His caliber; they do not communicate with me as He did.

But they are good dogs.

And Robin is still here and Robin is a good dog too, and I wish she could be with me for many more years.

I love them all, infinitely.

Treat your children well.

Infinities of love,


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