Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oops, sorry Gentle Readers, that should be WINNER!

I entered a contest during which I had to heroically struggle literally for seconds to come up with the best compliment for a blog I follow called WorkForced. And I actually won. I get a gift certificate worth literally less that $61.00 to spend at an online store not of my choosing that has really expensive stuff and not much of it is less than $61.00.

Golly - it's just like Christmas.

Oh my, I've just remembered a joke I must insert here. A dad has two sons and one of them is always the optimist. The other kid is just a regular kid, but no matter what goes wrong, the first kid always looks on the bright side. So the dad decides to test the optimist on Christmas Day. Daddy gives his son a great big pile of horse poop. The other kid gets a nice gift and is enjoying it and Dad thinks the optimist will finally get upset. But he looks over and there the dip stick is, digging through the manure with a happy grin on his face. Dad says, What are you doing? Kid says, Well, there has to be a pony down here somewhere.

But, ah, I digress.

What did I write for the contest? I have no idea. I can't remember, but since I wrote it, it must have been really clever.

And I sincerely thank Don Joe, the writer of WorkForced, which is literally LOL funny. Currently Don Joe is writing a Jargonary - a dictionary of work place jargon. I urge you to check it out by clicking on the link in my second paragraph, or go to View My Complete Profile to see the complete list of blogs I follow.

My favorite thing about winning, actually, is that Don Joe referred to me as that naughty school girl, Lola. What a thrill. I imagined myself ala Brit Spears in the good old days.

I know a lovely young lady who dressed up as B.S. once upon a time for Halloween, and no, she didn't shave her head and take so many pills she had to be hospitalized. This was quite some time ago, so my favorite young lady dressed in a short plaid skirt, put her long tresses in pig tails, and tied a white blouse in the front over two well-padded black bras because she didn't have B.S.'s natural attributes.

I wish I could dress up like that for Halloween, but I might make someone sick. I have the natural attributes, but I also have a belly to go with them.

But anyway, thanks again to Don Joe and WorkForced. Become a follower. It's easier than being the leader.



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