Friday, October 7, 2011


Gentle Readers,
Will you just look at what Plain Jane (except I know there's nothing plain about her) at The Evil Wife <> (except I know there's nothing evil about her) gave to me? I love surprises and I love awards and I love Plain Jane. If you don't follow her yet, then click on the link and get crackin'.

I'm going to dispense with a description of what I'm wearing to this awards show because I don't want poor Coffeypot to spend the rest of the day engaged in hand to gland combat. Suffice it to say: designer dress, diamonds, high heels, the works.

This award is the 7x7 Link Award. The recipient chooses seven other bloggers on whom to bestow the award and selects, from her own blog posts, the best posts that fit certain categories.

I love giving presents, so first, I'm passing on the award.

  1. a.k.a. Scraps of Literacy by the Writer Currently Known as Rory. How can I not adore Rory? He loves books so much. And dogs. He has a dog named Kitty. The minutiae of his life presented in his posts soothes me.
  2.  a.k.a. Ed Pilolla at Ed Pilolla. This man's writing lights my fire. He's so freaking good. And he understand that my miniature copy of The Great Gatsby that can't be read is funny.
  3.  a.k.a. Connecting with Stephanie D by Stephanie. Stephanie is such a sweetie. If you don't love her, then I think something is wrong with you.
  4.  a.k.a. Possum by Possum. The post to which I've provided a link begins with her writing that she was strolling through words. Possum, that is so cool. I love words but it never occurred to me to say I strolled through them. You have an original and creative mind.
  5.  a.k.a. It's Rhyme Time by Pat Hatt. This guy is a trip. He is so clever and funny.
  6.  a.k.a. Marion's Meepings by Paxford. What a lovely person. Supporter of troops. Always sending off care packages. And she's going to have a drawing (yes, I'm entered in it) for an Australian Army Medallion that I covet. 
  7.  a.k.a. Shining Pearls of Something by Suz. This lady is intelligent and she thinks before she writes. I learn from her.

Now, on to the posts. I hope I can get my links to work. 

  1. Most Beautiful  Yoko Ogawa (Housekeeper + Professor) = Elegance  This post is my all-time favorite. It's really a message to Someone I Love.
  2. Most Helpful   This is the post called My Husband Collection to which I attempted to provide a link a few days ago. I think it's helpful because it lets women know they don't have to tolerate men if they don't want them. Just buy the husbands and then tell them to get lost when you tire of them.
  3. Most Controversial   The United States v. Anthony didn't cause any controversy when I wrote it, but I'm calling it most controversial because the whole "Casey The Dumb Shit Idiot Anthony" outcome is controversial. The post represents my immediate response to the verdict. 
  4. Most Surprisingly Successful  MR. ROGERS DID NOT WEAR A SWEATER TO COVER UP His Tats has become one of my most popular posts and it continues to get hits regularly. I see the search term "Why Did Mr. Rogers Wear A Sweater" on my stats page all the time.
  5. Most Underrated   Farewell J.D. didn't get much attention and I think it's the funniest post I've ever written. Maybe other people don't see it the same way I do.
  6. Most Pride Worthy My Kathy is pretty much a love letter to my bestest bud. She cried when she saw this and I don't think it was because she thought it was badly written. My Kathy really is Superwoman.
 And this is the link to my post about meeting Pat Conroy that didn't work when I tried to post it the same day as the link to My Husband Collection. Today Blogger and I seem to be on a link streak, so I hope these all work.

Thank you so much Plain Jane for making me take this trip down Memory Lane.

Plain Jane and I want to go into business together so we can earn money for a trip to England. She suggested that our business could be closet organizing and that's fine with me because I am one damn fine closet organizer, but we have a little problem. We don't even live in the same state.

So if you'd like to make a donation to The Plain Jane and Lola Do England fund, please let me know. We want to go to Yorkshire to see where the Brontes lived. We shall wander the moors, hand in hand. I'm not sure yet which of us will be Cathy and which will be Heathcliff, but we'll work it out.

I suspect we'll want to visit a few other places too.

Oh Cathy! Oh Heathcliff?

Infinities of love and awards,



  1. Three awards in three days, guess I'm doing something right all day and night. Thanks a ton, and off I run.

  2. I'm too frustrated to go hand to gland. I cannot read your selections. Clicking on the links tells me they are not there and I don't have permission to see them. I'm getting a complex here!!!

  3. Oooh! Second award for me in a week. Thanks! You're too kind....and funny!
    I gotta get back to work, but will check out the links later!

  4. I'm honored that you not only chose me for your award, but also to be in such terrific company! I worship many of these blogs.

  5. This made my day! Thank you Lola

  6. thanks for the recognition:) what a kick! looking forward to reading more from the links.

  7. You're welcome Pat, Stephanie, Rory, Possum, and Ed. Jane, I love you too.

  8. Such awesome lists. I can't wait to check out these blogs :)


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