Friday, October 28, 2011


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,
You Are The WomanStephanie graciously asked me to guest post today at Connecting With Stephanie.

MapSo of course I packed my bags and dashed to her place. 

Running Man
She wasn't sure what time she would publish the post, so if you knock on her door and I'm not there, please try again later. custom smiley   I might be out mooning her neighborhood. They don't know me and it would be such a fun pre-Halloween trick. Everybody in my neighborhood expects to see my butt, but Stephanie's neighborhood?
Holy Moly              SURPRISE!

The post is called The Joke Thief. The thief suffers the wrath of Lola.
Happy (almost) Halloween!

Runaway BroomSee you at Stephanie's!

Infinities of love,

High FiveLola, who connects with Stephanie


  1. Thank you again!!! You can show your tushy buns on my block any time...the neighbors loved it.

  2. An invitation to moon, can you also at the same time use your mind and bend a spoon?..haha

  3. Do I have to move to your neighborhood just to see your butt?

  4. So fun! I LOVE Stephanie and her blog :)

  5. I've just read it. He sounds like a sad man.

  6. Thank you all very much, and Stephanie, thank you for the opportunity. Mr. Fox, I never show my butt online so a move would definitely be required. Pat, I can bend a spoon and then swoon after I reveal the moon. Tony, He's more than sad. He's pathetic. My 2 Pesos, Happy Halloweenie to you too. Elisa, xoxo.

  7. Thank you for addressing me as well. ;)

  8. Maxwell, You are quite welcome.

  9. never been arrested for public Mooning myself, but there is always a first time!

  10. Thank you Interwebs!

    Atley, No arrests. I'm very sneaky.

  11. last Halloween i attended a wedding in the halloween theme. pumpkins and sorts.
    the bride wore a black dress and sported long black hair, inspired by the Addams family.
    it was cool.


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