Monday, October 24, 2011


Gentle Readers,

A new work week has begun for those of you fortunate enough to have jobs. I hope you can take a minute away from the games you play in the office to answer the What? Monday question, which is

What has been your moment of greatest joy up to now? Or, what part of your life has been the happiest?

It's pretty obvious that my greatest joy was the birth of my two children. They had eyes, nose, fingers, toes . . . everything they needed, especially the required equipment to create wet, shitty diapers. Oh well. Wet and shitty just goes with the mom job unless you can afford a nanny.

I wish I could say my wedding was a joyous occasion, but I can't remember it. I think THIS IS A MISTAKE was buzzing so busily in my head that I couldn't pay attention to the ceremony going on around me. So it was a mistake, and yet it wasn't -- because I got my kids out of it. 

A couple of other really joyful moments involved my two favorite concerts, which I told you about recently. A long time ago when we went to see Paul McCartney, toward the end of the concert Paul and I and a few thousand of our closest friends sang Yesterday together. It was so beautiful. He accompanied us all on the guitar. The voices, so many voices, came together in hushed reverence under the stars.

Then somewhat more recently with Bon Jovi, when the concert was over we headed toward the parking garage. Suddenly we had a moment of spontaneous combustion when we stepped inside the garage and everyone burst into Shot through the heart, and you're to blame . . . . We kept singing as we moved through the garage. There was no agreement to sing. Nobody shouted, Hey! Let's sing.

We simply sang together.

It was a perfect example of the interconnectedness of humankind.

Infinities of love,



  1. Hmmmm. Tough question. My happiness has come in relatively short doses.

    I'm sure if I could pin down an instance or period, it would involve something sexual, coupled -- no pun intended -- with not being caught by her husband.

  2. ^^^damn dirty fox..hahaha

    Until now really I find it a series of moments, spread out here and there, a high percentage would have to do with Fox's topic, ignoring the husband way would I go there.

  3. The way you talk about your children is just so uplifting.

    I can't think of an answer, I really can't and this frightens me because If i can't remember the best parts of life then what have i lived for? oh gosh...i think I'm having a nervous breakdown...

  4. I have to say that my happiest moment was when my brother was cured :)

  5. i love my childhood and the growing up years ! WIll also miss my race running times.

  6. If I have to pick one moment then it was also no doubt when my Son was born.

  7. Oh Silver Fox, You are so naughty. My kind of man.
    Pat Hatt, Don't your rhymes give you joy?
    Punk Chopsticks, Take slow deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. You will be o.k.
    Gizmo, Would you like to share what he was cured of?
    Jaya J, I'm so glad someone can look back at her childhood with happiness.
    Old NFO and dirty cowgirl, Gotcha.
    Elisa, I know you adore yours too.

  8. Yeah, I've been called "naughty," and a lot worse! There's a softer side of me -- well, one of my characters, anyway -- in my new post. (Free plug, haha!)

  9. I don't have an answer. :(

  10. Oh Interwebs, I'm sad now. You can make one up. We'll never know. If you pretend to be happy, then maybe you will be happy. Isn't that an obnoxious idea?

  11. My moment of greatest joy up until now has been recently, discovering that books are truly my life. It encompasses everything in my life, from frequent weekend visits to Walt Disney World when I was a tyke that encourgaed me to imagine freely, to having a writing mentor in Andy Rooney, through his books, to all my favorite movies (including "Mary Poppins") which fit facets of my personality.

  12. Sounds like we have the same taste in music! lol As for my greatest moment and accomplishment I would say my two children's births and then I had another great moment. I married my second husband. He is a treasure. I remember feeling the same way at my first wedding though. That what am I doing i know this is a mistake i'm going to regret forever feeling about bowled me over lol We are similar creatures Ms Lola

  13. So jealous you got to see Paul! Sounds like an amazing moment!

  14. I would have to say my child. I remember counting 10 fingers and 10toes so many times and each time my heart would grow

    Enjoy your blog. Will be back to read more.

    Thank You

  15. LOL okay...I think I'm okay now...
    whew xDD
    Well, seeing as your happiest moment was when you first birthed you children (does that sound weird to you? Birthed? Children? huh.) I probably stilll have a long way to go experience wise. Your blog is a joy to read and of course I'll follow it.

    Of course, I don't always do it for people who ask (heh. heh heh heh)

  16. The only thing I can come up with, other than anything to do with my grand-kids, is going to sea on the USS Kidd (DLG100) last Feb. That was awesome. The next thing would have to be meeting you.

  17. Oh Coffey, How I do adore thee.
    Rory, You should write to Andy before he kicks the bucket. You might get a note back. I have a funny post card from Dave Barry.
    Melynda, I'm so glad you're happy with your life now. We are the same type of critter.
    Copyboy, It was royally cool. And it was the Fourth of July in RFK Stadium. My ex-husband, who was still my husband, didn't even ruin it.
    stopsign, Thanks for following. Kids are the best!
    Punk Chopsticks, I'm so happy you've recovered. Birthed is kind of an old-fashioned term, but so what? I'm such a fuckin' old fashioned kinda girl. Fuck it.

  18. Very cool interconnection. This is a surprisingly difficult question. I know I should say when my kids were born - but honestly, I was so scared then, and it took a while for the joy to come. My happiest times usually come while traveling, I think because I'm disconnected from every day stresses. So this time for a great moment of joy I'll cite: in Cinque Terre with my sister, on a terrace carved into the hill, overlooking the Ligurian Sea, sipping the local white out of plastic cups, and just utterly, completely chillaxing. Good, eh? :)

  19. When nothing happened to me when a lightning almost hit me. :P

  20. I like your blog. It is really interesting. Yes a mothers' duty is cleaning all the poo is not fun. But it is a joy of motherhood I guess. Following you. Hope you can visit mine and follow if you like it.

  21. Welcome Paps, I'm following you too. Now that I've seen your blog, I want to come to your house to play.
    My 2 Pesos, I'm glad the lightning didn't get you.

  22. My moment of greatest joy...every Christmas morning with my parents is joyous. :)

  23. Frisky, That is so sweet. I miss the days when we were a mom and dad and two kids. When we got divorced, it basically ended our family.


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