Monday, July 11, 2011


Yes, Gentle Readers, I know it was not the United States that prosecuted Casey Anthony -- it was the state of Florida.

But now it seems as if an awful lot of people in the United States want to persecute this young woman.

I was concerned from the beginning that Casey Anthony couldn't get a fair trial. The case was too well known, it generated a great deal of negative energy, and it was pretty obvious that she was guilty of something.

I did not watch the trial every minute of every day, but I followed parts of it each day that it was on TV. When it came down to the closing arguments, I felt convinced that the jury should vote Not Guilty. She is, of course, guilty of lying, and she was found guilty on those counts.

But I think the State of Florida made a major mistake when they charged her with first degree murder. First degree murder (please correct me if I'm wrong LegalMist) means that the perpetrator intends to commit murder and plans the murder in advance. It's not a crime of passion.

I've been hearing and reading hundreds of comments that Casey Anthony should have been found guilty and there was no justice for her daughter.

Well, if that's the case, tell me, please, when and how she intended to murder her daughter AND when and how she carried out her intention AND when and how her daughter's body ended up where it was.

You have no answers because there aren't any. Thus, Not Guilty. It was the only reasonable response.

If she had been found guilty, would it really have brought about some form of justice for her child? Executing Casey Anthony or even sending her to prison forever would not restore life to that little girl.

As for child endangerment, I think she could have been found Guilty on that count because she did not report her daughter missing. The jury thought otherwise. Another Not Guilty.

Manslaughter: I don't think she could have been found guilty because there really wasn't any evidence. Again, Not Guilty.

This is the United States of America, and the jury has spoken. Casey Anthony should not be threatened or harmed in any way, but she will be, and for the rest of her life, she will be known as that mom who got away with murder. She will not have one minute of peace. I think those of you who are so hell-bent on punishing her will have to accept that she is going to be punished for all eternity.

If I were Casey Anthony, I would do whatever it takes to move to another country and start over with a new name. I hope I would also seek the help of mental health professionals because it's obvious that something is not right with that young lady. She lives in some alternate bizarro universe in which telling lie after lie -- even when your daughter has vanished -- is acceptable; and naming someone as the nanny who kidnapped your daughter is fine; and having some sort of culpability in the death of your child is not a problem.

The entire Anthony family needs our prayers, not our condemnation. Leave it to them to condemn themselves and allow the case to rest where it belongs -- in the hands of God.

Infinities of love and prayer,



  1. I agree. There was evidence of foul play, and evidence that Casey knew there was a problem. She also should have reported the little girl's disappearance much sooner. But I didn't see anything from the prosecution to connect the dots well enough to justify the death penalty. Nothing that said, definitively, that Casey actually killed Caylee, rather than just participating in a cover-up for whoever did kill her.

    The case is tragic, but I didn't see anything that made me think the jurors got it wrong.

  2. Hey, look at that! Amazing! For the first time in WEEKS (months maybe?), Blogger let me post a comment to your blog!! Woo hoo!


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