Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Love Song

Gentle Readers,

Recently I've spent some time with a lovely woman named Harriet who runs a displaced homemakers program at a local college. Harriet helped me rewrite my resume and gave me a job tip that actually led to me taking some online tests for a job, but I haven't heard anything about my performance on the test.

For some reason, the last time I saw Harriet we got started chatting about concerts we've seen and loved. As I told you last week in What? Monday, my all-time favorite concert was Paul McCartney at RFK Stadium.

Well, Harriet could quadruple my McCartney experience. She saw The Beatles, yes, The Beatles, in 1964.

She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and The Beatles were coming to town. Harriet and all her friends had tickets. Two days before the concert, a hurricane blew through. The eye of the hurricane actually hit St. Augustine, which is not very far from Jax.

Harriet said she and her friends weren't scared of the hurricane. They were scared it would ruin the concert.

But it didn't.

Harriet still has her ticket stub from that special night. The ticket cost $5.

Infinities of love,



  1. That is quite the memory, sure she's glad she has it.

  2. Can you imagine a concert ticket for 5 bucks? Especially a Beatles one? That is awesome! To bad most concerts cost as much as my mortgage now. grrrr Love ya

  3. I have an older cousin (my mom's age) who had her hand kissed by Elvis. What a great memory!

  4. Wow, what a memory! My mom was too young to see the Beatles but she really raved about a Ted Nugent concert she went to when she was in high school and how tight his white pants were (TMI mom, TMI). I haven't been to many concerts but so far my favorite has been Mika. It was practically a huge stage performance and the entire small theater in Edinburgh was singing along.

  5. I was too young to see the concert but my brother took me to see Help and A Hard Days Night at the movie theater. I was so excited. Hard to believe it was that long ago. Your friend was very very lucky to have seen them. And that the storm didn't stop it!

  6. In looking back at all the posters of old concerts it amazes me at the price of a ticket. You can't even buy a Coke at a concert for $5.00 now. And good luck with your test and the job search. I remember having to interview women for positions I had open and I ultimately hired the one with the biggest tits and the most cleavage. I would use leg exposure as a tie breaker.

  7. Coffey, My legs are not my good point, so I keep them covered; but I make sure I have plenty of boob exposure. Hasn't gotten me a job yet.
    Padded Cell Princess, Ted Nugent, huh? I've never been a fan. When I was in high school the guy who looked fantabulous in tight pants was Peter Frampton, but I did not see him in person.
    Stephanie, Did your cousin ever wash that hand again?
    Isn't it just hilarious that you could see The Beatles for $5? My ex-asshat bought our Bon Jovi tickets from a scalper. They were probably $10000 -- each.
    Thanks for all your interesting comments.

  8. Wow, that's actually amazing. I would pay so much money to see them today (even if some of them would need to be zombies by now). So jealous of her.

  9. That's amazing! (:


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