Monday, January 2, 2012


And yes, friends, I've already tried to figure out the answers to my questions. First, underneath the photo of the back of my head at City Lights Bookstore, it says Janie Junebug's Journal is tiny letters and then Please join me on my journey in equally tiny letters. I want large black letters across the top of the picture for the title and Please join me on my journey in large black letters under the photo. I've looked at "help" and no one seems to have an understandable (understandable to me, that is) answer to my question.

Then there are two box shaped thingies below Please join me on my journey. If you click on them you go to my profile. I don't want two and I can't make one go away. And I'd rather have it say Click here to view my profile.

If anyone has brilliant advice, please email me. If you have stupid advice, tell your spouse. That's why most of you have spice.

I've decided spice is the plural of spouse, just like mice is the plural of mouse.



Hey look at that! I figured out how to make the letters larger for Janie Junebug's Journal and Please join me on my journey. That's some progress. Now I want Janie Junebug's Journal to go across the top of the photo on the left side. I'm too tired to fool with it more now and the dogs want supper. I might look at it again in a bit.

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