Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So much about this new blog is driving me insane. Still can't get Janie Junebug's Journal to show up at the top left corner of the photo. So I tried to get it above the photo. It went pretty much where I wanted it, but the letters were white and virtually impossible to see. I am following myself and can't make me go away (so many people have that problem). Yesterday the double contributors thing had gone away, and I thought, Ahhhhh! One problem solved.

But today it's back as Click Here To View My Complete Profile and it's still there twice. Why twice? I keep looking at HELP and can't figure out a blessed thing. OI! RAISE YOUR DOMINANT HAND UP HIGH!

It's difficult to get in touch with my loyal, faithful followers so they can follow me here.

Or maybe they see this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of me. : (

But the good news is that my daughter, the charming hurricane that wreaked havoc on New Orleans and so many other cities, has revived the blog she wrote while living in England. She's writing some rather amusing posts about her current experiences in France. You may find her at

You have her permission to follow if you like, and you may comment if you are careful about what you say. Do not mention Lola or Lola's former blog, or even better, anything at all about me. It's better to pretend that little Katrina was orphaned the minute she was born.

She said that you commented, Elisa, and it was "O.K." Such high praise doesn't come from the hurricane very often.

I think if you take a look at her writing, you'll find the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree (except she writes a little more formally than I do and doesn't sneak in all the double entendre).

And of course, the little brat is smarter than I am.


Janie Junebug, still smarting from the inability to make everything on the new blog perfecto


  1. Hey there! Just a quick comment to say "I FOUND YOU!" To be fair, you left me a great map. Cheers.

  2. Aww I went (moderately) out of my way to get access to your blog. No one wants to get rid of you! :)
    And unfortunately I can't be much help with the blog problemos, as it took me about 12 years to figure out how to add a list of tags to my sidebar (true story)

  3. Hey, Junie. It’s aggravating that your site doesn’t pop up under any name on my blog roll anymore. And your URL still says So how do I get to the Junnie Junebug site? What is the URL supposed to be? I need me some Junie…if you still do that on this new site.

  4. Coffey, My URL is the same as far as I know. You should be able to find me at You must have been here because you left a comment. If there's a way to get Janie Junebug on your blog roll, Joshua will tell us what it is, won't you Joshua? I'll also send you another invitation to the blog along with instructions for getting here.

    20 Something, Joshua has very generously offered to help. Twelve years is a long time. You must have been about 10 when you started blogging. Thank you for not wanting to get rid of me. Perhaps you could write a note to my ex-husband telling him how stupid he is.

    Joshua, If you figure out how to put Janie Junebug on a blog roll, please write instructions that I can post on my blog. It's driving some people crazy that I'm not on the blog roll anymore. Going underground is so difficult. Maybe I shoulda quit while I was ahead. But I don't know of what I was ahead.

  5. I got here because I went back to one of your older post that was still in my history.

  6. Coffey, Underneath this "Post a Comment" box there's a link that says "Subscribe by email." You could try clicking on that link and maybe I'd show up in your inbox, all ready for a hug.



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