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Gentle Readers,

Now I know where to find Cinderita. Simply go to, a.k.a. The Adventures of Cinderita. She's cute as a button and seems to have infinities of love, just like your Lola.

Welcome, welcome, welcome Cinderita!

I'm afraid (sigh) that this is the final day of Annafest. I have only two more Anna Quindlen books to recommend. She has also written others (seven non-fiction), but I admit I have not read them -- yet.

The first is not my favorite. It's called Rise And Shine. It's not as great as the other Quindlen novels I've read. It's not bad. Nothing is wrong with it. I just like the others better. Bridget is a social worker with an older sister named Meghan who is kind of a Katie Couric when Katie Couric was on The Today Show. Their relationship is kinda complicated, like sisterly relationships tend to be, and eventually there's a tragedy and I was just looking through the book because I can't remember everything that happens and I think I need to re-read it because it's probably a lot better than I remember it being. Sometimes I forget things, even when they are wonderful. Like orgasms. I have forgotten orgasms because it's been so darn long. Maybe I need a vibrator? I'll have to ask Favorite Young Man to take me shopping for one. Now that would be hilarious. I can just here his Little Chick laughing now.

Next, we have Quindlen's latest, which is Every Last One, and I am telling you By God if you don't read this book then I don't know what in the hell is wrong with you. This book is fantabulously amazing. Start by reading the dedication: For my children, who saved my life

Well, there you go right there. Anna Quindlen is simply that kind of person. She LOVES her children. She's won all kinds of awards and she's super popular, but she LOVES LOVES her children. I really admire that about her.

Anyhoo, the book is about the Latham family. Mom, Dad, and three kids: a gorgeous daughter in high school and twin sons, one of whom is athletic and popular and the other is kind of troubled. DO NOT TURN THE PAGES AND LOOK AHEAD WHILE READING THIS BOOK. I HEREBY LOLA ORDER YOU. Please, it's extremely important that you allow events to unfold as Quindlen wrote them. And yes, there's a tragedy in here too. And it will shock the hell out of you. It did not make me cry, not even a tear or two, but I am very, very moved by this book and the feelings it conjures up.

It's beautifully written and as quindlenesque as you can get. You simply must read this book. Do not wait. And then tell me how much you love it and how tragic and moving it is and how fears that you might keep deep down inside of you are released.

Quite some time ago, Someone I Love was ill and an oncologist told me he thought she had cancer. There were tests to run to find out for sure. Well, thank God, she did not have cancer. But while I waited for the tests I was so fucking scared I could hardly stand it. I told a friend that I was afraid Someone I Love would die young, and he asked why, and I said, Because she's too good for this world. He assured me that it wasn't true, and of course, Someone I Love is still eating math problems like M&Ms.  Every Last One draws that old fear out of me and parades it around and makes me think about how I love my children, who saved my life.

This isn't a favorite topic of conversation for me, but let's just imagine that a man who has been married for a long time tells his wife that he's in love with someone else. And he wants to leave his wife and marry the woman because he believes he should raise her son. And the wife calls her young adult son who lives in another town and he drives to his parents' home and he confronts his father about the whole damn thing. Dad won't talk about it and he gets angry, but the wife is eternally grateful to her son for taking on such a heart-wrenching, difficult task and trying to help her.

Please, read Every Last One. You will appreciate your loved ones more than ever.

Infinities of love and Anna,


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