Monday, December 5, 2011


Gentle Readers . . .  and Maxwell,

Pearl Harbor Day is this week: "December Seventh, 1941, a day which will live in infamy."

Folks who are old enough to remember that day know where they were when they heard that Pearl Harbor had been attacked by the Japanese. D., one of my marvelous men 
at the nursing home, couldn't remember what he said the second after he said it. But he knew exactly what street he was on in Baltimore and what he was doing when he heard about Pearl Harbor.

So today's What? Monday question is

What days of historical or personal significance do you remember?

The first one in my life would be Friday, November 22nd, 1963 -- if I actually remembered it. It was the day President Kennedy was assassinated. I was four years old. Strangely, I remember the funeral. The procession went by over and over again on our black and white TV with the poor, snowy reception. I specifically remember my dad explaining the significance of the riderless horse.

However, I don't remember learning that the president had been killed.

Some other important dates for me:

February 9th, 1963: First time Beatles were on Ed Sullivan show (I don't actually remember this date; I remember the event.)
August 9th, 1974: President Nixon resigned.
February 14th, 1977: Lost my virginity in the back seat of my Mustang.
August 16th, 1977: Elvis died
December 9th, 1980: John Lennon murdered.
November 9th, 1989: Berlin Wall started to come down.

I know exactly where I was when each of these events occurred, and I could go and on with important dates, but I guess I'll skip to September 11th, 2001.

It was Someone I Love's first day of her sophomore year in high school. I took her to school and got home and turned on The Today Show. The first plane had hit and as the country watched, the second plane hit. It was a day that seemed never ending.

So, tell us please:

What days of historical or personal significance do you remember?

Infinities of love,


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  1. I remember 9/11 very clearly. I was in the 8th grade sitting in home economics class when my teacher made the annoucement. They didn't tell us until 5 minutes before we had to go home. We spent the entire day ignorant to what was going on...AND I LIVE IN NY. Not all the way upstate NY, like 15 min from Manhattan NY.

    I applaud you for remember the exact day that you lost your virginity. I don't have the slightest clue of the day...I remember it clearly, but I never thought of the date as significant.

    I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the day Princess Diana passed away. I was so upset, that I later learned and performed Elton John's Candle in the Wind for a recital.

    I also remember exactly where I was when I found out the Spice Girls broke up.

  2. I would say 9/11 too. I also remember the 8/1989 because we were in the mountains when a huge earthquake came. My dad had to throw me over his shoulder. I remember watching massive boulders bouncing down the mountain. It was terrifying.

  3. Ms. Fun, You are young! You are even younger than Someone I Love. And it was cruel that you weren't told about 9/11 right after is happened. At Someone I Love's school, they called all the kids to the chapel and the Head of School told them what had happened. Classes were canceled for the rest of the day and they set up big screen TVs all over campus so the kids could watch the news. I also remember where I was and what I was doing when I learned about Princess Diana.

    Elisa, That's amazing about the earthquake. I experienced one small earthquake in Illinois and it was frightening enough. Someone I Love says the earthquakes in California are disconcerting.

  4. What a Valentine’s present…giving some guy your cherry. I hope he appreciated it and you didn’t waist it. The rest of your memories are mine, too.

    I was standing watch on a radar scope two days out of Yokosuka, Japan, when we learned that Kennedy had been killed. We were alone as the fleet had left a week before us and only got a brief message. We went to General Quarters not knowing if we were at war with Russia, Cuba, China or California. In case you are wondering, we were not a war with any of them.

    I was at home sick, watching Regis and Kelly when they broke in about 5 min before the second plane hit the WTC.

    I stayed up all night with Judy (before we were married) watching the coverage of the first Gulf War and racking my brain over how I could get involved over there. I had just got out of the Navy (went in on a special program that wavered the age limit and gave credit over civilian job experience – I was a computer programmer PO2). But because of age they wouldn’t take me back. The program had been abolished.

  5. September 11th--before, during, after the attacks.

    My parents have always talked about the day Kennedy was shot. As a kid, you wonder if you'll ever have a moment when you can answer the "where were you when..." question. Then, 9/11 happened. With all my heart I wish I couldn't answer that question.

  6. I clicked submit to quick.

    Anyway, I wish I couldn't answer that question because it would mean 9/11 never happened. What an absolutely horrifying time. :(


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