Monday, November 28, 2011


Gentle Readers . . .  and Maxwell,

Today's What? Monday question is

What did you do on Black Friday? Did you *gasp* go shopping? If you did, then did you make some amazing purchase? If you didn't go out on Black Friday, how are you doing with your Christmas shopping?

The only sale that would induce me to go out on Black Friday would be a 6 million dollar man for $69. He would have to meet all my needs, in bed and out.

Don't hate me, but other than writing a few checks and purchasing a couple of gift cards, my shopping is done.

Infinities of love,


P.S. Attention fishducky -- The last two emails I sent to you were returned as undeliverable. The latest one said your email is over its quota. Could that mean you have too much stuff in your inbox? Has anyone else had trouble sending email to you?


  1. I worked at the library. Other than DVD's it was a pretty slow day...

  2. Black Friday isn't applicable here, but I can say i had a rather dark Fridaym - attended a complicated business pc and later witnessed a group of thugs beat up a woman at a bar. it wasn't pretty at all. i was very upset.

  3. I went out to get cat food and groceries, easy enough, no black friday here. Also all done christmas shopping. Don't have to step into another store until Jan.

  4. Shopped and had lunch. It was memorable and I'm working on a post about it!

  5. I hate shopping malls. On-line and local shops are the way to go.
    And I don’t hate you, I envy you.
    (If you find that man for $69.00, let me know…great stocking stuffer!)

  6. I hate Christmas and the overconsumeristic shit that goes along with it. My Christmas shopping is almost done. I only have 3 people left I need to get something for.

    Oh, and I haven't started yet.

  7. We don't have Black Friday, but we do have Malaysia On Sale, but I do not know when.

  8. I did not go Black Friday shopping. Being only five foot tall, I'm petrified of being trampled. That would be an awful way to go.

    As far as my Christmas shopping goes, I got my brother 3/4 of the way done. In other words...I have a lot of work to do.

  9. I never shop on Black Friday, but mostly because I barely have any friends to buy gifts for anyway and besides I hate crowds of people (mostly the latter). Plus I had to work anyway, but at least for once I was in the afternoon instead of the 3 AM shift. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

  10. I never shop on Black Friday for anything! My youngest grandchild is 14 so no more toys. We give cash to my children & grandchildren. They seem to love green & as long as it's not too small (NEVER HAPPEN!) the size doesn't matter. In fact, the bigger the better!

    I've never had problems with receiving email before, but Melynda just told me that her stuff is being returned. I'll clean out my "sent mail" today. Hope it helps.

  11. What is Black Friday ?

    And yes it is done, as I only bought little presents for my sisters kids. Since I won't be here for xmas I've told people I will bring them something back from my holiday instead, but I want my niece and nephew to have something from me on the day.

  12. We went to antique stores! They were crowded, but not as bad. Fun, fun!
    I had an email returned that I sent to fishducky as well.

  13. I stayed home on Black Friday, as always. I only buy for a handful of deserving souls, and most of them are taken care of.

    My friends' children don't get Christmas presents from me. I "take care of" them on their birthdays!

  14. HAHAHAHA!!! The deals weren't that spectacular. I bought a little here and there...ONLINE. LOL :D

  15. I hate Christmas, and I hate crowds even more. If I HAD to go out on Black Friday or Dec. 26th or any other big shopping day, I would go with a machete. That would let me clear the way to what ever I wanted without hassle.

  16. I bought nothing. :)

  17. We don't have Black Friday over here. Instead we have Mad Friday which is the last working Friday before Christmas when everybody breaks from work for the holiday and gets stupendously drunk.

  18. Suz, Sorry you had to work.

    Jaya, That's absolutely horrible. I feel for you, sweetie.

    Pat, Congratulations.

    Your Majesty, Looking forward to the post.

    Beth, I haven't found him yet.

    GT, Thank you, my dear.

    Maxwell, Somehow I knew you would hate Christmas. Don't forget to buy something for me, or better yet, make a donation for the blogger in need.

    oceangirl, What's Malaysia on Sale? Do you sell the entire country?

    Ms. Fun, Oh, dear. Stay away from crowds.

    20 Something, I, too, dislike crowds.

    fishducky, I also appreciate cash. Best wishes with your email.

    dirtycowgirl, Get me a good-looking, intelligent man while you're on holiday, please. And Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when many Americans go Christmas shopping and behave in an insane manner because they think they are getting something for nothing. Trust me: they aren't. It's called Black because the retailers hope to go into the black at this point in the year.

    Stephanie, That sounds like fun, you with the sweet voice.

    Archie Leach, "Take care of them" sounds, uh, kind of frightening to me.

    Chip, Thank you. Same to you. Your avatar makes me a little nervous. It looks the way I sometimes feel.

    Sassy, Online -- definitely the way to shop for chic ladies.

  19. I bought almost 6 kilos of condoms, 3 of bananas and 1 of Vaseline. :P

  20. I didn't go shopping, and I've only bought one thing for Christmas. I better get busy ;)

    A few of my e-mails to Fishducky were returned too.

  21. Interwebs, That's one of the best comments ever.

    Elisa, I guess you should get busy, young lady. You've been spending all your time on your book, haven't you? Get serious now.

  22. I didn't buy a thing on Black Friday. I was visiting my family in Massachusetts and the local outlet mall opened at midnight. The cars were stopped for 10 miles on the freeway. No thanks! And I haven't bought a single Christmas gift. Getting a headache just thinking about it.

  23. Im with you. Shopping sucks no matter what color the day is.

  24. I worked... a ten hour day. :(

    But not before I secured a Tv on line for my boys. Didn't save much, but got exactly what I wanted and well within the price I wanted to spend.

  25. I had issues sending Fishducky stuff too. It just keeps coming back. I already told you I went to hell fest 2011! Ah the things we do for people watching. lol
    Ps missed you too this weekend lady

  26. I couched it while my wife hunted for new bargains to drain our nest egg. :)

  27. I spent my day waiting for the news of the craziness to filter through the news stations here, while reading of course.

    I wouldn't dare go shopping in that insanity.

  28. Tony, Mad Friday sounds stupendous. Did they invent it at university? Someone I Love went to Cambridge and I think she was drunk the entire time.

    Jane, I recommend ordering simple stuff like gift cards online. Don't leave the house.

    jerzey, Yeah. It sucks, bites, and blows.

    Julianna, I know you have marathon work shifts. In spite of what you go through, I wish I could find a job.

    Melynda, xoxo

    Copyboy, I hope she saved a little for the nest egg.

    Rory, So young, yet oh so wise. It's all that reading you do.

  29. The Wife went out since this is her first weekend not working after Thanksgiving since we've known each other all these 11+ years. I'm usually the one to do all the actual ordering or shopping for Christmas, so it's weird that everyone is bought and paid for except for her, which I'll be doing just as soon as I'm done with NaNoWriMo.

  30. I didn't go out shopping Friday..I didn't see anything the newspaper that I was willing to die for.

  31. Wow Joshua! I'm impressed. Get something good for your wife. Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

    stopsign, Good call.


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