Friday, November 4, 2011


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I believe I have reached a milestone with WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME. I seem to be at 500+ posts, but I'm not sure because the number of posts on my stats page sometimes stays the same for days at a time although I am posting every day.

So I might be at 510 posts, 600 posts, or 9,337.

When I started this blog it was called Dumped First Wife. When I began to feel more positive, I changed the title and my name. I was signing posts as Dumped First Wife and listed my occupation as topless dancer. Then I decided to reveal I am a writer named Lola. During those early days, when I had two or three followers, I often posted two or three times per day. I had to write about what I was thinking because I was in so much pain I feared my brain would explode. I'm convinced blogging kept me alive, or at least helped me get out of bed.

Now I usually post once each weekday and sometimes reveal a poem on the weekend. The majority of my hits continues to come from the United States with mighty, mighty Slovenia in second place. No country can ever replace Slovenia in my heart, unless some other country bypasses the number of Slovenian hits.

My small group of followers helped me through Faulkner's death, Harper's disappearance (he escaped from the back yard, went to jail, and had to be bailed out), the loss and probable death of Robin the foster dog, my divorce and settlement wars, and now more recently, with a larger group of followers, my sister's bypass surgery and stroke.

As for followers, boy have we gained. For a long time I had two, then three. Then several more showed up and I was stuck at 13 forever. With advice from my dear friend LegalMist and promotion by Cinderita, shout outs from many others, and help from all of you, we now have 70+ followers and I hope to keep growing -- the blog that is, not my butt.

My most popular post remains Dumpy Men With Beautiful Skinny Wives. 

Second place goes to Hiccups and Waterboarding.

I wrote Lit when I was drunk. After I got shit-faced, I called Favorite Young Man at work and told him I was drunk. He said not to ever call him at work again to say I was drunk.

I strongly suspect that no one ever read my pantoum, a poem in a particular form that you will understand if you read "I Grew Up In Linda Brown's Town." I wrote this poem after attending a writer's workshop. One of the sessions focused on pantoums and using geography (the cities you know) to write a pantoum. Because I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, home of Brown v. The Topeka Board of Education, I wrote about Topeka and the decision. I don't know, though, if this poem's losing streak should be broken. Perhaps it's better left unread. I'll let you be the judge of that.

As I have mentioned a number of times in posts and comments on your blogs, I LOVE the search terms people use to find my blog. The most popular is Why does Mr. Rogers always wear a sweater? That one shows up constantly because I am a Fred Rogers expert. After I wrote about Franklin the dog licking my toes, search terms tended to be about foot fetishes.

My all-time favorite search term is fucking my skinny wife.

I thank you all for sticking with me and commenting on my posts and even on my comments. You will never know what a help you are to me and how I value your friendship.

Infinities of love,



  1. You're most welcome ;P

    (I know the feeling. Awesome, isn't it?)

  2. As a new follower, this is a wonderful post! I had no idea you were a Mr. Rogers expert; that's fantastic!

  3. Congrats to you.
    It's funny how good it makes you feel to get a new follower isn't it ? I love it when I don't check mine for a while and when I do there's a few, in the beginning I honestly didn't think anyone apart from a few RL mates would even look at mine.
    Funny thing is I started blogging because I planned to write about the worst two years of my life- because I've always used 'writing about it' as a form of self therapy - but actually never did write about any of it.
    I love blogs that do though, because you can see over time how the writers get stronger.
    Bugger therapy everyone should just get a blog.

  4. haha congrats on the 500 posts or 9337 posts or maybe 242424 posts, who knows. hahaha awesome search terms too.

  5. It's funny how bloggers blog and then stumble upon other bloggers, gaining an army of loyalists, and then this branches into others. It reminds me of that commercial in the early 1980s -- the one that morphs into many squares of women. "They'll tell two friends, and so on..."

    Keep blogging. I'll keep reading. Thanks, too, for supporting mine!

  6. I read your first line, "I believe I have reached a milestone with WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME." and felt an immediate kinship with you. I, too, passed a point recently where I said "I believe I have reached a milestone with women," and it also included the number 500, but... well... I'll spare you the further details.

    Always like to learn more about you. I am keeping a file, you know.

  7. Hi, I'm glad I followed you home from someone's closet!:)

  8. and i love this post - great to know how blogging has kept you on.

  9. Lola, you've made a come back or you're blasting off in a beautiful place.

    I like your post, it's funny and poignant and it shows how far you've come. It also reveals more about you than I would have known or care to read about.

    I'm surely going to read your most popular post as I think it may be funny.

  10. Lola, Lola, Lola....I remember Cinderita's post. It's what made me check out your blog. Love how that works! My blog world has changed for the better with you in it!

  11. I have been please to see how you are growing and I don't think you have peaked out yet, either. I have noticed that with more followers you have toned down your post some. And I did go back and read you from the start and saw that you posted about women getting the shaft all the time. But you never posted about the men who got shit on. Anyway, I like where you are now and enjoy you so much. Keep up the good stuff.

  12. Congratulations. (:

  13. I love your blog and am so glad I can follow you and enjoy your wit.

    Melynda and I were talking about how awesome you are. You are the number one person we thought would get a kick out of this:

    I just had to share.

    P. S. You have the best post titles ever! I'm on my way to read your previously mentioned posts.

  14. Congrats to you. This was a great post and I look forward to reading all the other titles you mentioned :)

  15. I read your hyperlinked posts & wish I had become a follower a long time ago. Being a new follower, I have to ask--who is Maxwell?

    Did you get my DUCKY email?

  16. Suz, Definitely awesome.

    Princess, I had a long-term affair with Mr. Rogers (sorry Mrs. Rogers). When Fred died, I took up with Pat Conroy (sorry Mrs. Conroy).

    dirtycowgirl, Bugger therapy is right. Never did me any good. And I get very excited about new followers. You have turned into a great follower and I LOVE your blog.

    Pat, I know you get great search terms too, and thank you for being such a loyal follower.

    Queen Bee, I love it that we -- our group of bloggers -- are so loyal to one another.

    Oh Mr. Fox, Your experience overwhelms me. Heading to the dive bar tonight to expand my experience. Let's fight!

    oceangirl, Are you a mermaid? You must be a friend of Ed's. I hope you'll follow if you aren't already, and I'll follow you.

    Jaya, Thank you my dear.

    Peaches, Thank you so much.

    Stephanola, Cinderita has sent a lot of people to me and I'm so glad you were one of them.

    Coffeypot, Thanks honey bunch. You are such a great friend, nut hugger. But of course I don't post about men getting shit on. This blog is called WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME. hint hint

    My 2 Pesos, Muchas gracias, amigo.

    Interwebs, Thank you very much.

    Elisa, Thanks. If I'm the one person who will get a kick out of that link, then it must be something weird.

    lyndylou, So kind of you to visit. How's Jack today?

    fishducky, I received the email asking if I wanted to receive your emails. I replied and said yes. If you've sent something since then, I haven't seen it. Maxwell is a follower who objects to being a gentle reader, so he gets his little salutation.

  17. "Oh Mr. Fox, Your experience overwhelms me. Heading to the dive bar tonight to expand my experience. Let's fight!"

    Hm. I have experience in... ummm... diving... also.

    I'll only agree to fight with you if we can have hot'n'heavy make-up sex.

    And I hope I can expand your... ummm... experience.

  18. You're welcome. It's a good life, and a kickass community to have.

  19. Shane, Thank you for the excellent advice.

    Rory, xoxo

  20. What on earth are you doing up this early? Or are you up this late? I'm betting some lucky guy is involved.

  21. You're stuck with me! Congrats on the growth. Deserved!

  22. Barb, Thank you so much.

    Mr. Fox, Alas, I cannot sleep. A sweet gentleman from the dive bar kept me awake for hours.

  23. Your awesome Lola and I love your face, (whatever it looks like :)
    I'm so glad you found me. I feel I've gained a friend.

  24. If he kept you awake for several hours, was he really a gentleman? And do you even care?

    Hey, re:Craziness Abounds' comment, I don't know what your face looks like, either. Next time, we'll try a different position, okay?

  25. I love the "search terms" ! I find them hysterical. Congratulations on your milestones :)

  26. Melynda, Thank you, and I am absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I don't post my photo because I don't want everyone to hate me because of my good looks.

    Mr. Fox, Shame on you. You shouldn't talk to Melynda that way. And how did you get to her house anyway?

    Ms. Fun, Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  27. I meant her comment where she said we don't know what YOUR face looks like, silly!

    What do you think I am, some kind of flirt???


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