Sunday, November 6, 2011

for b.

I get into my cold bed at night and
I whisper the silly nickname
I have for you and then
I talk to you softly about 
what it would be like if
you were here with me.
We would sit in the afternoon sunshine
with our books and 
share a kiss and a cocktail.
Then I would prepare a fine feast 
for us and we would dine 
at my whimsical blue table
while the blue clock behind us
quietly ticked off the minutes
until evening.

Then we would walk the 
dogs to the park
and talk about our books
and hurry home
to softly slide 
down the hallway
to my beautiful bedroom.

We would climb into the bed,
now warm,
and hold each other 
until you rested your ear
on my breast
and told me my 
heart was beating,
gently and kindly,
as it should.
Then we would make love
in the moonlight
until our two hearts grew together
and we realized 
the glow of the moon
came from 
within us.


  1. Ok fess up who's the new guy? If there's no new guy then go find one who's name starts with B. You already have the poem. Or are you talking about your dog cause that's just messed up. lol Love ya back. My kid is hilarious isn't she?

  2. Melynda, You are a riot.

    Suz, I thank you. Very much.

    dirtycowgirl, Yeah. I am.

  3. Okay, I emailed you ALL the details for breaking up with need to email details! Who is this B?

  4. I figured this would be some characteristically filthy, quasi-porno poem, and it's a romantic one? So disappointed in that...

    But I'm not disappointed in the poem. Seriously (for a change).

    On another level, it sounds like B isn't disappointed in the poem, if you catch my drift.

    Really, this B sounds like a luc-- Hey! Does "B" stand for "Lucky Bastard?"

    Makes me wanna change my name to The Silver Box. Maybe The Silver Baboon? Hm.

  5. Soft, lovely poem. Definitely not the Lola I thought I knew! Was this from Lola-side A or side B?

  6. It would have to be side B, considering that secret nickname...

  7. Stephanie, Hmmmmmm.

    Mr. Fox, The lucky man's nickname is b$%&*!

    fishducky, Thank you. Lola has a soft side. It starts with b.

  8. "b$%&!*

    Does the exclamation point count as part of the word, or does it actually function as an exclamation point?

    Let's see. b-$-%-&*

    B-A-S-T... Nope.

    Let's try "b-$-%-&-!"

    B-A-S-T-A... Still no. Rats!

    Anyway, if your soft side starts with B, would that be "boobs" or "butt?"

  9. Mr. Fox! Please try to control yourself!

  10. Jaya, Thank you so much.

    Mr. Fox, I am ignoring you. Take that and put it in the hookah.

  11. I can here you now sinuously whispering, "Coffeeepppooottt"!

  12. I love it when someone talks to me just to tell me they're ignoring me.

    And the last thing I put in a hoo-- Oh, sorry, you said "hookah!" Silly me.

  13. I'm sorry sweetie but Coffeypot does not start with b. Try again.

    Mr. Fox, I continue to ignore you. And I shall ignore you for at least another ten minutes. I love punishing you. Let's fight!

  14. B really seems to be lucky or avoiding a bee sting with the B you bring. Bright Beauty Brought By B! Nice to see, Lucky B.

  15. I like it so much. (:

  16. (Silver Fox looks at watch)

    Damn. Sure, she said "at least another ten minutes," but still...

  17. This is beautiful! I want to know who "b" is. :)

  18. My 2 Pesos, Muchas gracias, mi amigo.

    Interwebs, Thank you so much.

    Elisa, Ask Melynda. I bet she knows.

  19. Now that I think about it, my own "hero" died before I was born. Even though he influenced my mom and her brothers, listing a deceased hero is almost like listing Abe Lincoln or another historical figure.

    Maybe I should've stuck with Zorro, the Lone Ranger, and Batm--

    Hey! Batman starts with a B! I wonder if you wrote that poem about...???

  20. (Hope I didn't confuse anyone by referencing today's post and leaving the comment on yesterday's, haha!)

  21. Big, bodacious, beautiful Cooffffeeeeppoootttt. Admit it, hon, you get panty pudden just thinking about me. I know I do.

  22. Coffey, Dream on baby.

    Mr. Fox, Give up. You won't figure it out.

  23. Only other person I could think of has a name that starts with "P."

  24. Mr. Fox, His name is Sugar Buns.


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