Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Gentle Readers . . .  and Maxwell,

At one of the newspapers where I worked, my favorite reporter was Carla. She covered the courts, so at mid-afternoon each weekday she returned to the newsroom to write her articles about what had occurred in the courthouse that day.

When Carla reached her computer, she would make her daily announcement. She might say, It's show tunes today! or Doobie Brothers time! or I'm in the mood for Queen!

Then perched on her chair, she proceeded to whistle while she worked. And everything she whistled was as announced. If she said Doobie Brothers, you were not going to hear the Eagles.

Singer 3
Then later I worked at another paper and one day I mentioned Carla's whistling. The grouchiest reporter in the room, the one who wore dirty clothes every day so her stench filled the newsroom, the one who shouted at anyone she suspected of wearing cologne because she was allergic to it but I don't know how she smelled it over herself, the one who GRITTED her teeth so they made this horrible creaking sound, shouted, That would drive me insane.

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I LOVED it, I said. And the next time she gritted her teeth, I yelled, WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT HORRIBLE NOISE?
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I'm sorry. I won't do it again, she said.

Infinities of love,



  1. Such awesome memories LOL! I love colorful co-workers :)

  2. You should have gotten everyone in the room to secretly place deodorant and washing powders on her desk when she wasn't there. Nothing like a dozen dispensers of deodorant and a few boxes of Tide to drop a hint.

  3. Elisa, I like good smelling co-workers.

    Coffey, It wouldn't have done any good. The editor and the publisher spoke to her repeatedly about the need to improve her personal hygiene. I'm pretty sure she left because she was fired.

  4. Why is it always the one with the worst habit that accuses the those around them the worst. Same at my job too.

  5. Coworkers are a hoot. I knew this one who needed a pee bucket. Talk about hygiene issues.

  6. I whistle with my ass. Want to hear?

  7. Indian Times, It's always that way.

    Copyboy, I would appreciate an explanation of using a pee bucket at work.

    My 2 Pesos, Thank you. You're funny.

    Interwebs, Yes, please.


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